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Report- Nnamdi Kanu planned to murder Uwazurike in 2014


Barring the intervention of a major financier of IPOB in 2014; Uwazurike would have been murdered by Nnamdi Kanu in what now has proven to be competition for relevance and indigenous leadership aimed at extorting gullibles in the name of giving them Biafra.

Although, Ralph Uwazurike was the first aggressor when he attacked Nnamdi Kanu and unclad him to ensure a chilling disgrace. Problem started after Nnamdi Kanu was handed over the media role in the struggle championed by Uwazurike but Kanu’s jealousy negative ambition to hit the heights of his master had the better of him. Instead of broadcast to the dictates of the leadership; Nnamdi Kanu was determined to make his own mark and project his own but now fraudulent Biafra.

It is another thing to be recruited by a group to work for; unlike independently pursuing your own ideologies. Nnamdi Kanu was appointed to serve MASSOB but he saw MASSOB platform as a springboard to where he is today and that angered Uwazurike who physically dealt with him.

Nnamdi Kanu finally parted way with Uwazurike and further seized some of the broadcasting equipments secured by Biafrans in a move to privatize and announce himself a new leader because he was the man behind the microphone. There was no means for the public to judge; they could only hear the story from one side and that played into the hands of Nnamdi Kanu. He was trusted and was able to turn Biafrans against his master Uwazurike whom he was determined to have his revenge on.

Nnamdi Kanu had arranged boys and equipped them to make the move (Murder Ralph Uwazurike) but a call with one of his financiers changed everything.

“In 2014; he called me and said he would murder Uwazurike and that everything was in place” a classified contact who disclosed to this investigative journalist said.

As at 2014; Nnamdi Kanu had gained significant followings that later became massive in 2015, especially after his arrest. Throughout the final months to his poorly thought arrest by Nigerian government, Nnamdi Kanu was lambasting and targeting Uwazurike- which nearly ruined Uwazurike’s life in the name of being a saboteur. Today’s circumstance has thought us that no one should trust a man or pass verdict without fair hearing from both sides. Everything Nnamdi Kanu accused Uwazurike- he has done ten folds, including meeting and sleeping with politicians that was his underlying factor that made Uwazurike a saboteur.

“He was obsessed with Uwazurike but I told him to never see the blood of a Biafran because of mere accusation. I told him that the messengers of the God of our land are capable of dealing with any betrayal out there. He can talk about this betrayal but never order or assent to murder of any Biafran” the classified contact noted.

The whole shout of saboteur; betrayal and evil was to take revenge on Uwazurike for unclad and disgracing him. The criminal denial of the people to knowing that everything said about Uwazurike was to oust him and take revenge is the bane of the struggle to date. Everything said including to restore Biafra was simply to either revenge, oust, obstruct, frustrate or pocket some money. Indeed; the people of Biafra are nothing but pawns in this game of chess.

“I told him that Uwazurike can be murdered by people but he should not directly succumb to the temptation of ordering it, being aware of it or to assent it. Clearly; there was no way Uwazurike could be murdered without his assent and that was how Uwazurike’s life was spared” he cemented.

Uwazurike’s life was spared but Nnamdi Kanu may have forgotten or had enough of the binding advice. Prophet Anthony Nwoko was murdered after disclosing Nnamdi Kanu received bribe from a presidential candidate to call off election boycott.

“Now, Nnamdi Kanu has disgraced himself, he has soaked his hands in blood and he will see the end of it. Look at Akuwara; he set the young man up and he is nowhere to be found today despite efforts by his family” the classified contact tipped.

Akuwara remains on the list of enforced disappeared Biafrans under and by Nnamdi Kanu.

Ifeanyi Chijioke: Investigative/Independent journalist

Writes from Enugu


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