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Reports linking me to Buhari’s certificate is fraudulent – Aguiyi

Clem Aguiyi has disassociated himself from the regurgitated news making rounds on the internet associating his name with Buhari’s certificate saga.

Mr. Clem Aguiyi, the founder and President of Move on Nigeria, has disassociated himself from the regurgitated news making rounds on the internet associating his name with President Buhari’s certificate saga. 

I am not in court with the president neither was I part of any court processes in the past, it’s important we set the record straight.

Mr. Aguiyi, who is a critic of the Buhari’s administration, said that he doesn’t know who is using his name on the issue but that he first saw his name linked to the certificate saga on the internet and later in some national dailies during the campaign period. 

He said he was surprised because I never specifically wrote to WAEC or Cambridge for any result verification.

I was surprised at this but saw it like some of those campaign issues, which very often are meant to distract the other side and not because they are factual reports.

‘With the campaign long over, what faces Nigeria now is good governance and no more the qualification or other wise of the winner. 

Even during the campaign those of us on the other side knew that the APC candidate was well qualified to run for President. 

We knew that he is more than qualified to run for president given his record of service as a retired Army General , ex-Head of State , ex-Governor and Former Minister of Petroleum’ .

Mr. Aguiyi in a statement distributed to Journalists in Lagos admitted that the PDP allowed the WAEC controversy to rage so that it will distract the APC campaign and slow down their momentum but the tactics never worked’. 

He admitted that APC ran a better organized campaign and won deservedly but dismayed that the party is unable to replicate the same tact in managing its success as government.

Mr. Aguiyi urged Nigerians to move beyond whether the president possessed WAEC certificate or not and focus on getting the administration to fulfill its campaign promises to the masses.

He noted that he remains a critic of the government wrong policies because he is a stake holder and there are people whose job it is to hold the government accountable just like there are people who will always support the government whether the government is right or wrong.

“Both the critics and the president’s rabid supporters are all acting in public interest and should be allowed to co-exist in the interest of democracy.  

“Those who criticize government policies and actions are neither enemies of the state nor enemies of the president just like all those shouting his praises today are not necessarily his friends. 

“The President will know his friends when he leaves power”.

Answering questions on the recent public spat between the President and his wife, Mr. Aguiyi said both first couples were right and wrong in their utterances but that Nigerians should focus more on the teachable moments rather than the drama of what the President said or what the wife said.

In my view the first ladies statements teaches that the President is not infallible; that he can be criticized and disagreed with without the fear of any loss. 

Now that we know his wife is close to the people, I will encourage Nigerians with solutions to our myriads of problems to reach her so that even from the other room she can table our petitions before the president.

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