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Rescued ‎Serah Luka not among 219 Chibok girls – Parents


Buhari welcomes rescued chibok girl with her child

The Chairman of the Chibok Girl’s Parents Association, Mr. Yakubu Nkeki‎, on Friday confirmed that the second Chibok girl rescued by the Nigerian Army is not one of the 219 Chibok girls abducted over two years ago by Boko Haram fighters.

ABOVE PHOTO: Buhari welcomes rescued chibok girl with her child

Nkeki, who said they are excited for Serah’s rescue because she like their daughters is a victim of Boko Haram, cautioned the military against rushing into conclusions without‎ first enquiring to be sure of the information they put in public domain.

He said he has all the names, pictures and names of the abducted girls’ parents, insisting that Sarah is not one of them.

Nkeki, who spoke with our correspondent on telephone, said the military should have taken Serah to Chibok‎ or contact the Chibok community like the vigilantes did with Amina Ali before making the announcement.

“I have checked my list, I have the list and pictures of all our girls including that of their parents‎ and Serah Luka is not one of them. The military really jumped into conclusion in assuming that she is one of our girls.

“We are happy and excited about Serah’s rescue, including that of the others rescued with her because she is an innocent victim of Boko Haram just like our daughters. But the military need to verify next time just like the vigilantes did with Amina Ali before making the announcement that they have rescued one of our daughters‎,” he said.

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