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Residents raise alarm over imminent attack by Fulani herdsmen in Anambra [audio]

Residents in Anambra State have raised alarm over alleged imminent attack by Fulani herdsmen in the state.

One such resident identified himself anonymously simply as a “Hausa” man but married to an Igbo woman and works as a driver in one of the ministries in the State.

Purportedly writing in an open letter to the state governor, Willie Obiano, he stated:

“Dear Governor Obiano, I am a Hausa but my wife is Igbo. I work as driver in one of the ministries in Anambra State. I owe you the duty to tell you the truth.

“The people killed at Awkuzu and Oba was not killed by Igbos. No Igboman can have that heart to use knife and kill infants. It is not ESN, it is not IPOB; it is the Fulani that did the killing. Surprised?

“They want a reason to attack Anambra State. They have tried to provoke Anambra through kidnap, rape ransom and killing but no way.

“They have destroyed farms and raped and killed women no way. Instead you try to cover the news from coming out.

“They decide to sacrifice a few of them to begin the Jihad.

“Please arm your people. They have declared war and nothing you can do to stop them. Don’t be taking by surprise.

“I am concerned because if they win the Jihad and kill Igbos, people like me who marry Igbo woman will be forced to kill our wife and children with our own hand and marry our own people.

“Arm yourself. Police will not help army will help in killing.

“Don’t say you are not told. Thank you working alert Governor of the people.” [END]

Another resident posted an audio on social media which was obtained by ElombahNews, warning the state residents to be extra vigilant as an imminent attack is looming.

Speaking in Igbo language, he said that Fulani herders doing business in that area of the state are leaving in droves ahead of a planned attack.

Listen to the audio uploaded on SoundCloud below:

ElombahNews could not independently establish the veracity of the claims as security agencies are yet to obtain the files or yet to respond to the claims contained therein.

The Anambra State Police Command Public Relations Officer, DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, when contacted via telephone, said that he is neither aware of the letter or the audio recording but promised to listen to it and revert back to ElombahNews correspondent.

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