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Respond to customers complaints within 24 hrs or be punished, NCC tells telcos

The Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) says it will punish telecommunications service providers if they fail to attend to complaints lodged by customers within 24 hours.

Executive commissioner stakeholders management of the NCC, Adewolu Adeleke said this on Thursday while speaking at a meeting with telecommunications service providers in Abuja.

The NCC Revised Complaints Categories and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) report was unveiled at the meeting.

Adewolu asked all service providers and stakeholders to treat the complaints of customers “with the seriousness it deserves”.

He explained that the report is a review of complaint categories and the service level agreement which the consumer affairs of the NCC put together in collaboration with service providers.

He said,“If a particular incident happens in the service provision and the customer feels dissatisfied with the service he received, if he complains and does not receive a response from the providers within 24 hours then they will be punished,”

He said the report would guide the providers in the delivery of services and help resolving complaints by customers.

On the alleged illegal deduction of data by service providers, the commissioner said the NCC is working out modalities on what customers should do when their data gets depleted abnormally

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