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Restructuring of Nigeria? ~ By Abbati Bako

The idea of restructuring of Nigeria is a mirage and pipe dream of some empty-headed-meghaphone in my country Nigeria that do not understand the direction of the world or what is called global view, or “globalism”.

This world has a structure for governance and there are leaders that formulate laws and policies tagged as “international public policy” (IPP). Can’t someone think of UN and its agencies as well as global political and economic stakeholders? This means that the world has leadership that takes care of economy, politics, security, healthcare, children’s rights, climate change, education, food and so on.

The world is (for 30 years) a “global village” (McLuhan) and the world is moving toward nations without boundaries in the near future. European Union is an excellent example having 24.9% of global GDP with 500.1m population or 5% of global population.

British created boundaries and nations about 500 years ago. And today technology is making the world integrated socially, democratically and economically.

So, we shall never allow anybody to create ways that will break up Nigeria. Nigeria has come to stay forever. Nigeria must remain united. President Buhari must create strategic plans that will ensure Nigeria remains united so long as this planet exists. The strategic planning committee recently appointed by Mr. PMB to strategize on how Nigeria will be amongst the top 20 economic nations is a classical and fantastic idea that the current and future generations will benefit from.

Had it been that our past leaders had had this strategic thinking, vision, mission and focus, they could have paved way and groomed the younger ones to takeover Nigeria. Nigeria has been listed among the developed and industrialized nations in Africa before the end of this century.

Therefore, we shall continue as a united nation Nigeria. We must stand and protect Nigeria forever. The problems with most of our leaders and the led is lack of digital knowledge and failure to focus on the direction that the world is moving economically, socially and politically. The current conversion of Ministry of Communication to Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy by the current President Buhari is a good idea which shows the regime seems to be tilting to the global direction of development.

The examples given by Professor Ango Abdullahi sometime ago is different from Nigeria’s scenario. Because the emergence of India, Pakistan and so on were all prior to the current globalization policy order adopted by Nigeria and other nations of the world. Also the Northern Ireland and Scotland as well as the IRA in Spain are all before the emergence of globalization in the early 1990s. Even the break up of Soviet Union were prior to the globalization era. The globalization policy is uniting the world economically, politically and socially.

This writing doubts if our foreign friends or external economic and political stakeholders (those who do business with Nigeria) will support the break up of the Nigerian nation. Nigeria is the biggest market in Africa and No7 amongst top 10 populous nations in the world this means two-and a half of global population.

And again, the issue of breaking Nigeria is a matter of political elites not among the common people. The world is now a global village as said earlier due to global economic integration, democratization and multiculturalism. So all nations of the world are interested in Nigeria because of its strategic position between the northern and southern parts of the world. Nigeria is an economically huge market and very attractive to capitalists market economy despite our differences in religion, region, tribe and so on.

Conclusively, this writing is sure and confident that the world will not allow Nigeria to break up because the west African sub- region will experience the highest influx of refugees the world has ever seen. This writing opines that those calling for disintegration of Nigeria are wrong and Nigeria will stand as a united nation now and in the future.

In reference; see the book written by Professor George Friedman titled ” The Next 100 Years, USA, 2009.

Besides if Nigeria breaks up, nobody will benefit; ask the Libyans, Egyptians, Syrians and other Arab spring nations. May God save Nigeria and Nigerians!

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