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Rev. Ekeke speaks on #EndSARS, Obigbo, IPOB’s ESN, Covid-19 Vaccines, et al


Reverend, we know that your schedule is very tight especially during this season of the year but at Leadership Wisdom Institute, we are always privileged to get your take on several hot issues of our time as 2020 wraps up.

Thank you Mazi Chinedu for the opportunity. It is always a pleasure to chat with you. I believe this is our third-year doing this end of year interview.

Let us start with the #EndSARS peaceful protest movement by Nigerian Youths and the breakdown of law and order that occurred which led to killings, violence and massive destruction.

For many years, I have prayed, written and dreamed of the day Nigerian Youths will wake-up from their slumber to challenge the misery that they have been subjected into by the corrupt, coward and incompetent Nigerian politicians with the backing of the murderous military forces.

The Nigerian Youths have had enough of Police brutality, intimidation, extortion, kidnapping, extrajudicial killings and continuous sexual harassment, rape and killings of their mothers and sisters. For the time, especially after a video that showed a member of Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) officer, who shot a young motorist in Ughelli, Delta state to death. Then, the officer pushed the body of the young man out of the car and drove off with the dead man’s Lexus SUV. That senseless action among other Police atrocities triggered the massive Youth protest across the country.

And so, the Youths from the Southern part of Nigeria rose up in unity to demand an end of Police brutality, intimidation, extortion, kidnapping and extrajudicial killings especially by the members of SARS — a federal police unit formed in the 1990’s to combat crimes of armed robbery.

To the surprise of most Nigerians, the Youths took to the streets across Nigeria cities to demand the abolition of SARS with the hashtag #EndSARS. And so within days, thousands of Youths gathered in Nigerian cities to demand the abolition of SARS.

For almost two weeks, the protesters were peaceful. The Youths were joined by celebrities and even older citizens including a grandma who was sighted in a peaceful protest in Surulere, Lagos State. The Youths protested peacefully with Nigerian flags, singing the national anthem and praying — both Christians and Muslims.

The Youths made specific demands — calling for greater accountability, better governance, and a more equitable and sane society. One of the demands included a better pay for police officers. The Youths were essentially asking for a better life and future.

How and why did such a peaceful protest turn violent that led to destruction and death of several Youths and Police officers as well as the discovery of Covid-19 palliatives hidden by the governors and looting of those palliatives?

Well, the #EndSARS peaceful protest turned violent because Nigerian government sent the Army and Police to shoot at the peaceful Youths at Lekki Bridge in Lagos and across other areas in Southern Nigeria. The shooting of Youth peaceful protest started on October 20, about two weeks into what was a peaceful protest.

You know that Nigeria is not a democratic society but an Islamic autocratic feudal system led by tyrants and wicked politicians.

The truth of the matter is that the Islamic government of Nigeria has been terrorizing the Youths and killing them for a long time. In the 1980’s, hundreds of youths especially from Eastern region were usually accused of drug peddling and were put to death by firing squad or hanging. Some of those hard drugs were planted by the haters of Igbo business men. In the 1990’s, the DSS and other Nigerian military forces were arresting, imprisoning and killing Igbo youths accusing them to be Yahoo boys. Once they see a young guy with a fancy car, shining shoes, expensive wrist watch, nice hair do, etc., he is tagged a Yahoo boy or 419 scammer. Many of our youths from Biafran land were killed or languished in prison across Nigeria. And since early 2000, SARS have been carrying out the same exact heinous crimes upon our youths.

The International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law, known as Intersociety reported that Operatives of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad of the Nigeria Police Force have carried out extra-judicial killing of 30,400 Nigerians in the last 16 years. Intersociety said SARS operatives killed an average 370 persons per month and 4,440 yearly between 2004 and 2020.

Remember, the #EndSARS protest was streamed live especially from Lekki Bridge before and during the massacre. Nigerians and the world were watching it live as the Army descended upon the Youths at Lekki. The lights were cut-off, cameras disabled and then Nigerian murderous Army began shooting at the Youths. I was stunned. The intention was to stop and stifle the protest because it was making the government look bad.

So, the Youths went on rampage after the massacre, burning down police buildings and in the process, few policemen were hacked to death. Some properties illegally acquired by the corrupt politicians were also destroyed. There was a horrifying breakdown of law and order. It is during the quasi revolution that led to the discovery of Covid-19 palliatives that were donated by the global community and wealthy Nigerians alike. These palliatives were supposed to be given to the citizens, but the governors kept them for their selfish interests, hiding them in secret warehouses and other private places, which they will repackage to buy elections in 2023. This tells you how evil, wicked and satanic these crooks and criminals who claim to be leaders are. The iniquitous exploitation of the masses they claim to be leading and serving are so evident. They all deserve to be stoned by the people. These palliatives were discovered almost across the 36 States of the federation including Abuja the capital and seat of government. This means that they all planned to hide these palliatives while the poor masses suffer and perish.

The reactions by Nigerians in Diaspora was admirable, including some non-Nigerians and celebrities who spoke out against Police brutality and Army shooting of peaceful protesters. Even the giant cable news media, CNN reported the shootings despite the Nigerian government and military denying shooting at the peaceful protesters.

Off course, Nigerians in Diaspora and foreigners were horrified by the shooting of live bullets at the Youths — the future leaders, doctors, engineers, scientists, lawyer, technologists, artists, etc., the nation’s most valuable assets were being massacred like chicken by the very military forces that suppose to protect them and guide the protest to make sure it was successful. I was stunned and terrified. You know, these Youths the Nigerian Army massacred, were also demanding for a better pay and treatment of the Army and Police. Nigerians protest all over the world – in Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.

Those ruling Nigeria in the name of Buhari were determined to use the military power to suppress and crush the peaceful protesters because they were afraid that Aso Rock lies will be exposed, which will lead to a violent disintegration, dissolution and dismemberment of one-Nigeria fraud.

The #EndSARS massacres across the South and even the on-going genocide in Obigbo in the East orchestrated by Governor Wike reveals one fact — that Nigeria has no President. Aso Rock is empty and Nigeria is currently led by Fulani Cabals with the full support of all the Military generals. Currently, Nigeria is under a military regime.

One of the absurdities of Nigeria is that Nigerians claim to be practicing constitutional democracy and rule of law, but we must understand that Islam does not believe in democracy but Sharia and Koran. Fulani Caliphate wants theocracy and Sharia law not democracy and constitution. The Fulani Jihadists, the Sokoto Caliphate, the Kaduna Mafia and the Northern Cabals do not believe that Nigeria is a secular state, but an Islamic state. Nigeria is not a secular democratic State but an Islamic country. The earlier we understand that and peacefully divide the country, the better for everyone so that people can accommodate their common interests politically, religiously, socially and otherwise.

Islam does not recognize or operate in democracy because there is no freedom of speech, ideas, opinion, etc. In Islam, it is against the law to question Koran and Sharia much less criticize it. You simply follow the rules. Islam is a political ideology and their justice system is Sharia. It is a totalitarian ideology and you cannot question or criticize it.

Nigerian politicians fought back using ethnic division, and Nigerian Government and Army denied shooting live bullets at the Youths. However, the popular American media cable news channel—CNN reported the Army admits shooting live rounds at #EndSARS protesters at Lekki Toll gate.

Yes, the American giant Cable News, CNN obtained the recordings of the shooting and reported on it. As usual, the Nigerian Government Information Minister led by the lair – Lai Mohammad tried to counteract CNN report and even threatened CNN. Can you imagine – an underdeveloped country messing with CNN — a global news outfit that has information and the reach to tarnish Nigeria and cause her demise from the face of the earth. The millions of dollars bribery and intimidation will not be able to save Nigeria from being destroyed as a nation by CNN. The foreign Media have been hiding Nigeria’s corruption, looting, money laundering and crime against innocent citizens, without reporting it to the global community. If CNN and other foreign media report the atrocities and crime against the poor masses going on in Nigeria, Nigeria will cease to exist within days.

By the way, the purported 12 minutes recorded speech by President Buahri’s imposter was absurd and an insult to Nigerians and especially the Youths of Nigeria. A true leader goes to the site where the massacre of young people happened to speak, not a recorded 12-minutes speech. In a tide of such massive national protests that led to many deaths — the Youths and Police officers alike, a true leader ought to show his face in order to calm the Youths down. No, not in Nigeria where the people have been deceived into believing that they have a president but not knowing that they are being ruled by an imposter, who is not even a Nigerian. By their actions, Buhari’s imposter and APC government have demonstrated dereliction of constitutional duty. True leaders inspire confidence and not fear like the 12-minutes recorded speech, which was cowardly and pessimistic. It was an utter disappointment and utterly despicable. Nigerian leaders are ignoble. They are the reason Nigeria has no more respect globally. Their visionless leadership is also the reason Blacks are not respected around the world and are imprisoned and killed with impunity. Nigerian politicians and rulers are the cause of our misery and tragedy in this world. The people must not accept the status quo and cannot continue this way any longer.

Let us turn to Eastern region — precisely Obigbo, which was renamed Oyibo to hide Igbo identity, where genocide was carried out by the Nigerian military forces with the authorization of Governor Ezenwo Nyesom Wike and the disgraceful meeting of Ohanaeze, Southeast Governors and Elders afterwards.

As we chat, the indigenes of Obigbo, mostly Biafran Youths are still on the run due to extrajudicial killings being penetrated by the Nigerian Army. Igbo Youths are being hunted by the Fulani terrorist military forces drawn from the Sahel. Governor Nyesom Wike has exposed himself that he is working for Sokoto Caliphate.

The #EndSARS Youth protest was spontaneously carried out all over every major State and city in the Southern part of Nigeria — which included Southwest, Southeast and South-south. Destruction of government properties, police buildings, looting of Covid-19 palliatives, etc. occurred in every State. In fact, in the North, people were not shot at while they were looting the palliatives but in the Eastern region, the Police and Army were busy shooting at hungry, poor and armless citizens struggling to get a bag of rice or noodles to eat. Several of them were killed while trying to pick one food item or the other — from the palliatives donated for the people. They died trying to get their palliatives.

The wicked Governors of some of the Eastern States invited the Army to come and kill the Youths who were involved in the peaceful protest. That’s what is going on in Obigbo, which is primarily inhabited by Igbos. Governor Ezenwo Nyesom Wike is from Ikwerre, an Igbo man. But because of the ethnic division shown to them by the Fulani Caliphate and Britain, they disclaimed and rejected who they were and turned around to kill their own blood. It is really sad and shameful.

Governor Wike is not the only person whom the Fulani Caliphate had used to kill his own people and later will be killed by the same Fulani who are using him now. He claims to be a barrister and a governor and pretends not to know the implication of sabotaging his people and land. Even though teaching history was banned in Nigerian schools, he supposed to know from oral history that the end of saboteurs are always awful. Governor Wike has destroyed himself and his family for lure of power and personal ego. As long as Biafra exists, he will be recorded in history as a saboteur, an Igbo efulefu and he and his family will never have peace on this earth. He committed unpardonable crime against his own people. He is a foolish and stupid man.

What do you think about the Ohanaeze and Igbo traditional and religious leaders who visited Governor Ezenwo Nyesom Wike and were singing his praises?

That tells you the mess and moral decadence we are in Nigeria. I have written severally that we do not have leaders in the Eastern region anymore and that is why Ndigbo and other Biafran people are in big mess in Nigeria. Presently, Ndigbo have no leaders except Mazi Nnmadi Kanu. He is the true leader in Biafra land as we speak. We have no other. He is not perfect but he loves his people and has sacrificed a lot for the cause of Biafra. He is intelligent, charismatic, a truth teller and a prayerful man. You cannot lead wisely, courageously and compassionately without love for your people and able to tell them the truth. We do not have any other like him in Biafra land today. Personally, I do not recognize Ohanaeze, Pandef and other socio-cultural-political groups designed to grab political power, enrich themselves by enslaving their people to the Fulani Caliphate. Personally, they do not exist. We do not have leaders but political slaves working for Fulani Caliphate for our destruction. These political slaves speak from both sides of their mouth. They are people without honor, integrity and shame. The traditional rulers and elders in Biafran have sold their honor, dignity and respect for personal gain and material possessions. And that is so sad indeed.

Currently, several petitions have been filed at the International Criminal Court (ICC) and other human Rights Commission at the United Nations (UN). Some members of the United State House of Representatives are calling for #EndSARS Resolution to be brought to Floor for vote. We have also read the condemnations and sanctions by British government on Nigerian government and Army. Do you think these petitions and resolutions are enough to bring change to Nigeria?

I want to remain optimistic that some changes will occur like what happened here in the United States. As a result of massive nation wide protest in the United States following police brutality and killings of unarmed black men in several cities, nation-wide protests erupted that led to destruction and burning of many businesses, destruction of valuable government properties and monuments were taken down. Across the United States, many Statues of persons believed to be racists were destroyed or taken down. No one was shot or killed by the Police. Even when President Trump sent Special Forces from Homeland Security to protect valuable government properties, statues and monuments, no protester was shot or killed despite widespread destruction. Today, many States and Cities are making changes in the way Police conduct their work. Many innovative things have been introduced including Police Officers attending 911 calls with a Psychologist, Counselor, etc., depending on the type of situation. Many of the reforms made by the protesters have been implemented. The United States is a civilized society not like an uncivilized contraption like Nigeria led by a bunch of evil and cultic politicians.

Additionally, Britain and other European nations have huge economic and even political interests in Nigeria. The British parliamentarians spoke lucidly and eloquently about the massacres, denials and crackdown of #EndSARS peaceful protesters. Hopefully, whatever sanctions they impose on Nigeria will bring some change especially against Police brutality, intimidation, maiming and extrajudicial killings of the Youths. However, I have much faith in the #EndSARS resolution being discussed by the U.S. Congress. If they pass the Resolution 1216, that will send a powerful message to the people of Nigeria, and especially the Youths , that American voices will not be muted when such gross violations of human rights are taking place. And that Nigerians have a right to assemble and peacefully protest. The Congress should immediately pass this resolution and send a powerful message to the people of Nigeria that the world stand in solidarity with them and to caution the Nigeria jihadist government and murderous military forces that the United States and the world will not stand to watch them massacre peaceful Youth protesters seeking for a better life and sane society. The United States and the world must support the Youths of Nigeria to end Police brutality and other heinous crimes and atrocities going on in Nigeria.

We have talked enough about #EndSARS massacres and genocide. We need to move on to other topics — but let me conclude this section by asking you this question. Why did the second phase of #EndSARS protest fail?

The second phase of #EndSARS Youth protest failed because of several reasons. Let me give you a few.

First, the corrupt and evil Nigerian politicians played ethnic card.

Second, Fulani Cabals used the DSS, Army and Police to intimidate and suppress the protests.

Third, there was a violent crackdown on some of the suspected leaders of the #EndSARS peaceful protest movement. They were being hunted and locked up, their passports seized and bank account frozen.

These are some of the reasons why the second phase #EndSARS peaceful protest movement failed. It is very sad that Nigerians do not have rights to protest even when they are being oppressed, impoverished, enslaved, and killed. Nigeria is a crime against humanity and progress and must not continue.

Let us talk about Eastern Security Network (ESN) recently announced by the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra — Mazi Nnamdi Kanu on December 12, 2020. What is your take on ESN? Do you support it?

Yes, 1000%. Eastern Security Network is a game changer. Moreover, I am a true bloodied Biafran. I am sick and tired of the satanic treatment of Ndigbo and other Biafran clans in Nigeria. The Islamic, jihadists and satanic policies of President Buhari designed to Islamize and Fulanize the entire Southern regions of Nigeria are unacceptable.

The South — especially Biafra region has been fighting against Fulani enslavement. We fought against the grazing bill — designed to establish cattle grazing all over Nigeria. We fought against RUGA — establishment of Fulani villages across Nigeria. We fought against the Life Stock Transformation Scheme designed to take over our water ways. One hundred billion Naira was given to Miyetti Allah — a terrorist organization without explanation what the money was meant for. Borders in the entire South (SW, SE and SS) were closed, while the borders stayed open in the north for Fulani all over Africa to come into Nigeria. Mallam Jubril Aminu Al-Sudan, who impersonated the late Mohammadu Buhari in a speech from Cairo, Egypt announced that the Fulani are free to come to settle in Nigeria without visa. And today, thousands of Fulani who came from all parts of Africa live in our bushes and forests instead of in our towns and communities.

The open borders in the North was designed for influx of Fulani herders, bandits and terrorists to come into Nigerian in their millions and to ship them to Southeast to live in our bushes, forests where they sexually harass and rape our mothers and daughters, and kill them is abominable. These Fulani vandals and terrorists have come from Chad, Mali, Niger, Guinea, Senegal, Cameroun, and the Sahel and are living in our bushes and forests, which is abnormal. How do people live in bushes and forests they do not own or acquired from the owners? This is absolute idiocy and crazy. This is Nigeria for you — a lawless and abominable entity. These infected Almajiris and Fulani terrorists living in the bushes and forests in Biafra land is not just a desecration of our culture and customs but a destruction of our livelihood and natural assets. The bushes and forests sustain life and how there we allow these uncircumcised and primitive vandals to destroy our very life and existence like that.

Yes, I support ESN one thousand times. And I encourage every Biafra to support it with all of our abilities, prayerfully and financially. We cannot allow this abomination to befall our unborn and future generations to come. Apart from the eye-opening and eye-popping broadcasts Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has given to enlighten us, telling us who we are, etc., ESN is perhaps the greatest achievement so far. It is a game changer. Any Biafran who condemns ESN is not only foolish but cursed. And we do not need the approval of the Fulani slaves serving as governors in Biafran land nor the approval of the murderous Nigerian State. We must defend our land and protest our lives according to International law. We cannot allow foreigners to come into our homes and massacre us and we do nothing. Where else does that kind of heinous crime and atrocity go on day-by-day without arrest, punishment, and retaliation?

What do you think about the division and crisis in IPOB with the resignation of the former deputy leader — Mazi Uche Mefor, the resignation of U.S. representative — Mazi Obidi Obienu, the sacking of African Rep — Rev. George Onyibe and others?

Well, in any organization of such global scale, there is bound to be misunderstanding and crisis. IPOB is a global massive movement of freedom fighters fighting against radical, Nigerian state-sponsored, Islamic terrorism that has slaughtered millions of Biafran people and is hell-bent on the occupation of Biafra land and Islamization of Biafran people. There is always a huge risk of fallouts and sellouts. Mazi Uche Mefor exhibited rare bravery and courage during the period Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was in Kuje prison and even when his royal home was attacked in Isiama Afaraukwu, Umuahia. For over a year, Biafrans did not hear from Mazi Nnamdi Kanu but Mazi Uche Mefor held Biafrans together until Mazi Kanu resurfaced at the wall of Jerusalem in Israel in October, 2018. Mazi Obidi was an encouraging voice with his godly advice and encouragement on Radio Biafra. Rev. George Oyibe too was great with his radio broadcasts. Biafrans learned a lot from his broadcasts.

Whatever happened, I remain prayerful and hopeful that some peace and reconciliation will be made and bring them back to the fold. Even if it is not in IPOB, they all must sincerely continue to work together to restore Biafra. Off-course, once Biafra is restored, it will be governed as a true democracy where every one’s voice can be heard and not like Nigeria. Without Biafra, all of our lives in one-Nigeria will continue to be hellish, meaningless, destruction, and death.

President Trump’s administration for the very first time, recently designated Nigeria as a “Country of Particular Concern” (CPC), for violations of religious freedom. Do you believe this designation will help to stop the systematic, ongoing violations of religious freedom in Nigeria?

It is a welcome development. If you remember in June 2020, the President signed an Executive Order on Advancing International Religious Freedom. Parts of that document states that “Religious freedom, America’s first freedom, is a moral and national security imperative. Religious freedom for all people worldwide is a foreign policy priority of the United States, and the United States will respect and vigorously promote this freedom. “It also states, the Secretary shall, in consultation with the Administrator of USAID, budget at least $50 million per fiscal year for programs that advance international religious freedom, to the extent feasible and permitted by law and subject to the availability of appropriations. Such programs shall include those intended to anticipate, prevent, and respond to attacks against individuals and groups on the basis of their religion, including programs designed to help ensure that such groups can persevere as distinct communities; to promote accountability for the perpetrators of such attacks; to ensure equal rights and legal protections for individuals and groups regardless of belief; to improve the safety and security of houses of worship and public spaces for all faiths; and to protect and preserve the cultural heritages of religious communities.”

The variants groups that were forcefully amalgamated as Nigerians know very well that they are not the same people. Their vast cultural, social, linguistic, religious differences and political divide are so evident and have led to several riots, violence and massacre of Igbos in the Northern region of Nigeria since 1940’s.

To buttress the truth of forceful amalgamation of Nigeria, Alhaji Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa in 1948 said:

“Since 1914 the British Government has been trying to make Nigeria into one country, but the Nigerian people themselves are historically different in their backgrounds, in their religious beliefs and customs and do not show themselves any signs of willingness to unite … “Nigerian unity is only a British invention.”

In 1947, Chief Awolowo said:

“Nigeria is not a nation. It is a mere geographical expression. “There are no ‘Nigerians’ in the same sense as there are ‘English,’ ‘Welsh,’ or ‘French.’

“The word ‘Nigeria’ is a mere distinctive appellation to distinguish those who live within the boundaries of Nigeria and those who do not.”

In 1964, Dr. Azikiwe said:

“It is better for us and many admirers abroad that we should disintegrate in peace and not in pieces. “Should the politicians fail to heed the warning, then I will venture the prediction that the experience of the Democratic Republic of Congo will be a child’s play if it ever comes to our turn to play such a tragic role.”

The above statements mean that One-Nigeria was a forced union and was never embraced by indigenous populations.

In 1960, Nigeria became an independent nation. However, ethnic bias and hatred, political instability, bad leadership, systemic injustice, religious intolerance and violence quickly marred Nigeria’s prospect for genuine development and progress.

From 1965 to 1967, Igbo men, women and children were slaughtered like animals and their lifeless bodies were transported in cargo trucks and dumped in the Eastern region. The events of that turbulent period 1965-1967 led to the political crisis, political instability, tribal and religious killings, military coups and counter coups, that eventually led to unforgettable genocidal civil war of 1967-70 that decimated more than three million lives and left so much bitterness, anger and hatred among the major tribes of Nigeria. Since then, the Biafran people have not enjoyed any freedom, human rights, political peace and national prosperity but poverty, torture, violence, killings and war.

When President Buhari’s imposter went to the White House, President Trump told him to stop killing Christians. Fulani terrorist sects did not adhere to that caution. That same week, they massacred and sacked villagers and farmers in rural communities in North and Middle Belt areas. The only language the Fulani understand is retaliation; “An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth,” which appears to be contrary to the Christian Holy Book — the Bible teaching. But we cannot continue to fold our arms, turn the other cheek while these vandals and terrorists continue to decimate our people and occupy our bushes, forests and rural communities.

In 2018, Nigeria was labeled the poverty capital of the world — ahead of India, and that is despite several hundred billion dollars in oil earnings over the last decade. In the same year, Open Doors — a non-profit organization that monitors persecuted Christians throughout the world ranked Nigeria as the most dangerous countries for Christians. According to Pew Research Center, hundreds of thousands of Christians are killed every year, and many more have had their religious freedoms limited. Nigeria ranks third out of 163 countries on the Global Terrorism Index behind Iraq and Afghanistan, making it the third country most dangerous places to live on the planet. Recently, Nigeria was declared a terrorist and failed State.

The reputable Financial Times of London just recently stated that Nigeria is at risk of becoming a failed State following the abduction of more than 300 schoolboys on December 11 from Government Science Secondary School Kankara in Katsina State. Boko Haram, the militant Islamist jihadist group claimed responsibility. This happened in the same State where President Buhari comes from and he was visiting his home state that weekend that abduction occurred. Even though the school children have been rescued, however, the abduction of Kankara School boys evoked the same memories of 276 Chibok girls, mostly Christians from girls Secondary School Chibok in Borno State, kidnapped by Boko Haram in 2014.

So, I am not surprised that the United States has designated Nigeria as a “Country of Particular Concern” (CPC), for violations of religious freedom. In fact, the U.S. should do more to ensure that they reciprocate action when countries listed in CPC attack and massacre indigenous populations or individuals on the basis of their religious beliefs.

A Biafran, Dr. Onyema Ogbuagbu is a member of the team that helped develop the Covid-19 vaccine for Pfizer. Will you take Covid-19 vaccination?

First, let me congratulate Dr. Onyema Ogbuagbu for his remarkable achievement. If he had been in Nigeria, he would probably be seeking a job or out of frustration, start trading or become an “okoda’ driver That is how the Nigerian State subjugates most talented Biafrans into doing — trading or commercial driving.

Second, Corona virus also called Covid-19, is a Chinese invented virus that has impacted the entire globe, infected and killed millions around the world, devastated economies of countries and profoundly impacted global health and social life. All of our lives have been profoundly affected because of Covid-19. This was unexpected when we were entering the year 2020, which will never be forgotten easily. There is no doubt that the year 2020 will go down in history as one of the darkest times and worst years in human history. It is my hope and prayer that 2021 we are about to enter in will be the opposite but bring healing and hope with the vaccines that are being produced now.

Third, regarding Covid-19 vaccines, at some point, everyone may be compelled to get it. If you are not allowed to travel, go to certain places, get your money from the bank, obtain government issued IDs, and a host of other means of livelihood, you will be forced to take it when the supply is available for everyone.

Finally, my first son, who is a medical research scientist at the College of Medicine in Northeast, has assured me of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. Off-course, as you said, a Biafran medical doctor — Dr. Onyema Ogbuagbu is a member of the team that helped develop the Covid-19 vaccine for Pfizer. Dr. Onyema Ogbuagbu is an Infectious Disease Specialist at the Yale School of Medicine. I do not want to believe in all the conspiracy theories on social media. Whether this vaccine is a microchip being planted in the body to gather data for artificial intelligence, which is powered by 5-G Technology or “mark of the beast,” according to Bible teachings, eventually signs of the end of the world or end of age are already happening. We are in end times already.

Do you believe Ndigbo will get the presidency in 2023?

First, if there will still be Nigeria in 2023.

Second, even if one of the Igbo political slaves is imposed as president in 2023, the Fulani will continue to control him and all his actions. The ex-president Goodluck Jonathan was a perfect case-in-point. The systemic policies and satanic treatment of Biafrans in Nigeria will never change. Biafrans are not interested in the 2023 presidency but freedom. We want the Biafran nation back. We have suffered and died enough in one-Nigeria.

By the way, all the Igbo politicians gallivanting all over the place and speaking from both sides of their mouth are not leaders. The Fulani know them as slaves and saboteurs. They are simply political slaves working for Fulani Caliphate. They are people without honor, integrity and shame. In their watch, Ndigbo and the entire Biafrans have been reduced to slaves and beggars in Nigeria due to corrupt and cowardly political leadership. Biafrans now resort to begging literally for everything in Nigeria They beg for their sons and daughters to be made a minister. They beg to be made Speaker of the National Assembly. They beg to be made Senate President. They beg to be made President of Nigeria which will never happen. They beg for their roads to be repaired. They beg for the bridges in Biafra land to be built or repaired. They beg for resource allocation to be given to them even though 80% of the nation’s resources are derived from their land. They beg for an international airport even when Ndigbo/Biafrans are the most traveled in Africa and the world. They beg for their seaports to be opened while the Nigerian State is building dry seaports in Kaduna (North) and Ibadan (West). Biafrans beg for everything in Nigeria. You are tagged terrorist while Boko haram, Myetti Allah and Fulani Herdsmen – the world’s 3rd, 4th and 5th terrorist sects in the world are not tagged terrorists in Nigeria.

Our greed, envy, jealousy, selfishness, and lack of foresight have destroyed us as a people. Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is absolutely correct in his assessment of most Igbo politicians today.

Let us conclude with your assessment of the U.S. 2020 presidential election and any concluding comments.

I think that this is the most fair and credible U.S. presidential election I have witnessed since I came to this country. Democracy is well advanced in this society. Moreover, America is a civilized society and Americans use their voting power to elect or reject candidates, who lead unruly and unwisely no matter their party of affiliation.

I think it is time we Biafrans get a grip over our negative feelings and irrational emotions and get schooled in politics. It is because of our ignorance politically, selfishness, jealousy, greed and envy that the illiterate and uncircumcised Fulani cattle herders are controlling us in the zoo.

Moreover, we Biafrans should not be worried about the change that has occurred in the White House, because we know that our hope and trust for freedom and restoration of Biafra do not depend on any man but only on Elohim as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu always says.

Psalm 22:28 says that the LORD is the governor over all nations. He charts the course of nations. He has the political calendar at every level of authority and rule, and as King of nations. He has the blueprint for the politics and leadership of every nation, tribe, tongue, kindred and people. He sets up kings and removes kings.

Jesus said to Pilate, “you have no power over me except it is given from above (John 19:11).

Even though this is a time of trouble and immense persecution and killings of Biafrans in Nigeria by the murderous Fulani military forces with the invitation of the governors and saboteurs in our land. We must not be discouraged. We must continue to strategize and do everything within our power to support our people at home and IPOB leadership. We must intensify efforts in our diplomatic strategies. We must remain united in our actions and resoluteness to continue to fight for the restoration of Biafra and freedom of our people. Without freedom, our lives and very existence is simply meaningless in Nigeria and off-course beyond.

Let me conclude by asking and pleading with ICC, British government, U.S. government, United Nations, and global powers and international community not let Nigerian government and its murderous military unit get away with massacre and heinous crime against the Nigerian Youths — especially the continuous crackdown on the Youths who were simply demanding for a better life, a better future and sane society.

Biafrans have sacrificed, suffered and died enough in one-Nigeria. It is time to be set free. We are not the same people, we don’t eat the same food, we don’t speak in a similar manner, we don’t dress alike, we don’t worship the same God – there’s nothing binding the various ethnicities bundled to form One Nigeria.

The United Nations and Global Powers must do the needful to free the three major indigenous peoples caged together in Nigeria — or else, they must open their borders to embrace millions and be culpable for the millions that will be massacred in the inevitable war for freedom.

Mazi Chinedu, thank you for your time to chat with me on these various topics and issues today. I truly appreciate you. Blessings to you and your lovely family on this wonderful, holy, gracious and loving season of the year because of the wonder and miraculous birth of Jesus Christ who is the Prince of Peace, King of Kings, Lord of Lords and most importantly the Son of the Most High God.

As Biafrans, we are also so thankful and grateful to Chukwu Okike Abiama, who has placed Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in our time to guide and lead us liberate our richly endowed nation Biafra from one-Nigeria bondage every step of the way to our journey of hope, freedom, peace, pursuit of life and prosperity for all.

Wishing you and your family the best of this season and Happy New Year 2021 to all Biafrans worldwide.

The Rev. Dr. C. K. Ekeke, is a theologian and leadership coach. He is the author of Leadership Wisdom – Keys for Authentic and Effective Leadership, among other books.

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