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Revealed: Buhari personally ordered that Goje’s N25b fraud case be withdrawn

Group Demands for cancellation of Presiding officers election over vote buying


An Associate Professor of Journalism and Newspaper Columnist, Mr. Farooq Kperogi has revealed that Nigeria’s President Muhamamdu Buhari personally ordered that the former Gombe State Governor, Danjuma Goje’s N25b fraud case be withdrawn.

Prof. Kperogi also alleged that all APC senators-elect were bribed with N25 million each to endorse Ahmed Lawan for the senate presidency!

Elombah News had reported on June 8, that the Office of the Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice announced it had taken over the prosecution of Goje, for N5bn money laundering case from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.

The development came less than 24 hours after the former Gombe State governor withdrew from the Senate presidency race in support of Senator Ahmed Lawal

Farooq Kperogi told Elombah News that someone who witnessed Danjuma Goje’s meeting with Buhari in Aso Rock that it was Buhari who PERSONALLY gave orders that Goje’s N25b fraud case be withdrawn.

“It was the condition Goje gave Buhari for supporting Ahmed Lawan for senate President. This isn’t an unsubstantiated rumour”.

“I swear by the Holy Qur’an that this was what actually happened. My dad was a Quranic teacher. I, too, learned it from him– and taught it for 5 years. I know the implications of my swearing. Wallahi tallahi, Buhari is DIRECTLY involved in giving Goje a reprieve from EFCC”, Kperogi stated.

Goje and two others have been on trial for some years at the Jos Federal High Court for money laundering charges brought against them by the EFCC.

The anti-corruption agency specifically accused the lawmaker of forging a resolution of the state House of Assembly to collect a N5bn loan from Access Bank while he was governor between 2003 and 2011.

On the bribery allegation, He also stated that an APC senator-elect confided that all APC senators-elect, including him, were bribed with N25 million each to endorse Ahmed Lawan for the senate presidency!

“That’s our national treasury being frittered away so casually and with such debauched recklessness by a government that makes deafeningly hypocritical noises about fighting corruption just to give legislative teeth to next-level fascism.

“The senator-elect, however, said he still won’t vote for Lawan. But I actually want Lawan to win for a complete take-over of all the architectures of government for the sustenance of Buhari’s monocracy. In any case, I can almost bet my bottom dollar that Ndume won’t be different from Lawan.

“Irrespective of who emerges as senate president, the next senate would be an appendage of Aso Rock. In the coming weeks, months, and years, Nigerians will see what full-throated fascism looks like. Good luck because you’ll all need it!”

A video has since emerged of lawmakers being bribed to elect the principal officers of the national Assembly.

Group Demands for cancellation of Presiding officers election over vote buying

A House of Representatives group, G7, said it would seek legal redress to ensure that the result of the election is upturned because members were financially induced.

Making references to photographic images and video evidence being released to back up their claims, the group asserted that they are only embarking on a principled struggle, adding that while the members have no personal grudges against any person or political party, they will not condone any illegitimacy in the election of the person or persons who will lead the House of Representatives.

Transform Nigeria Citizens Initiative (TNCI) has also demanded for the cancellation of election which produced Rt. Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila as Speaker of House of Representative over financial inducement of lawmakers.

This was made known in a statement issued by the group and made available to newsmen.

The group expressed shock over circulated Video of lawmakers that were involved in vote buying on the floor of law making chamber of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

TNCI also added that with inducement of voters at the floor of Green Chamber, there is nothing good that can come from ‘cash and carry’ set of lawmakers who threw caution into wind during elections of Presiding officers in House of Representatives.

The statement reads,” It is disgraceful that the lawmakers elected to make law for betterment of the country could turn legislative chamber into ‘vote buying’ chamber before they can elect their Principal officers.

“The video of lawmakers currently circulating in social media involving in vote buying on the floor of House of Representatives is mockery of Apex lawmaking body of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

“The voters inducement on the floor of Green Chamber has already put integrity of the chamber into disrepute, we therefore call on Clerk of National Assembly to immediately cancel the election of Presiding officers in House of Representatives.”

Reps deny vote buying allegations

Clerk of the National Assembly, Alhaji Sani Omolori, who supervised the June 11 election of Speaker and Deputy Speaker in the House of Representatives, is being accused of having condoned impunity among the lawmakers.

But, reacting, a House of Representatives member Khadijah Bukar Abba on Monday said that Gbajabiamila did not induce his colleagues financially to vote for him.

Abba, the acting spokesman of the House, spoke shortly after the inauguration of four adhoc committees by the Speaker on Monday.

Also Prof. Julius Ihonvbere, who stood in for the ad Committee Chairman, said Gbajabiamila had no reason to induce any lawmaker as he worked hard enough to deserve the seat.

Ihonvbere said: “For us, we have conducted a democratic election that was held and aired live. At the end, winners emerged and we all witnessed the losers congratulating the winner on the floor.

“To us as a House, everything is now in the past and we are focused on the serious legislative business we are are here to carry out, to make the House and the country better.

“As far as we are concerned, nobody received money, nobody was enticed to vote. As a matter of fact, no one campaigned intensely robust more than Gbajabiamila, and it went beyond the call of duty to explain what he has to offer.

“At times he went to parts of the country with over 120 lawmakers, with that kind of work, he needed to buy no vote”.

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