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Rivers State For Rivers People: Keep Covid 19 Out Of Rivers


Dear Governor Wike,

God bless you and continue to empower you to stand and take responsibility on behalf of Rivers State.

The handlers, employers and business associates of the killer herdsmen are determined to infiltrate all the southern states, Niger Delta and particularly our beloved Rivers State.

My analysis as a determined and devoted Rivers State daughter is this, the decision to isolate and quarantine is for our own interests and in the interests of non indigenes who live and work in Rivers State before Covid 19 lock out in March 2020.

May l as a right humbly suggest the following:

Northern boys hidden amidst cows arrested by Governor Nyesom Wike

1. Ban the import of Cattle, Cow, Goat and foul or birds if the process of importations will expose us to a peak in COVID 19, and impose the people of no abode on the economy and security of Rivers State.
2. The men and under age children who want to come into Rivers State against the ban on inter state movement should be rejected.
3. The isolation centers is primarily set up for indigenes and non indigenes who have lived and worked in Rivers State prior to COVID 19 March 2020.
4. In my opinion the offering up of our isolation centers to Non Rivers State Indigenes who have willfully disobeyed the call not to come into Rivers state is to deny Rivers state indigenous persons and non indigenes who live and work in Rivers state the opportunity to use the facilities set up for us.
It is criminal and a threat to lives of Rivers State persons.
5 Rivers State people please do not be intimidated, this is about your right to life, come together and call on governor Wike of Rivers State to remain firm in his determination to protect Rivers State, No one can see COVID 19 with their eyes or hear it with their ears, but we owe it to ourselves to minimise the entrance of COVID 19.
6. These Infiltrators and their cattle and cows, rams and fowls etc should be sent back and not be allowed to ENTER RIVERS STATES not to talk of occupying the Isolation centers of Rivers State for up to 2 weeks, use our limited drugs and palliative care meant for the vulnerable of our Rivers State Indigenes and non Indigenes who live and work in Rivers State.

Some people will refuse to see the reality in this position non the less it is a right to self preservation.

No people should for now enter our state if we believe they pose any threat of spreading Covid 19 or any other contagious disease.

If we don’t have any law to empower the state government to enforce this desire then the Rivers State house of Assembly should as a matter of life and death and within the next 48 hrs and for the survival of Rivers State indigenous peoples should not be politised by external and internal forces under any circumstances.

The very clear and obvious truth is this, our people must be able to think for themselves and see the dangers ahead.

Our lives are in our hands and we are in the hands of the living God.

Annkio Briggs
Daughter, Servant and Defenfer of Rivers State.

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