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Rivers State Will Survive Internal & External Conspiracy & Hatred

By Annkio Briggs


l support Gov Wike and since the 18th of March 2020 after my live Radio broadcast l have receive barrages of insults on Facebook and threats on phones l am used to it.

If you don’t like Gov. Wike that is a choice you have a right to, at state level or federal level.

To put Rivers state and Rivers people at risk by condemning everything Wike does is destructive to the lives of Rivers state indigenes and non indigenes that live and work in Rivers state

COVID 19 is a deadly virus that have killed tens of thousands of healthy people in countries where they have the best of medical care, l am not a politician and therefore l don’t see the purchases of food, and medical equipment for the people as a means of making money.

If the Governor alone is doing the purchasing let him do it as long as the equipment are the right ones and the food will get to the right people.

It is not everyone that need rice and beans given to them, at least l don’t need it, let it be given to those who need the rice and beans. Let salaries be paid.

All Markets as l suggested last wednesday on my radio program should be opened at specified hours on specified days. Oil mill Market should remain closed until the situation is reapraissed.

I am horrified at some documents of 2/3 pages written against the Governor, some posts and the content of some Radio stations, not because he is responsible for COVID 19 but COVID 19 have created an opportunity for politicians to further misinform and confuse our people, using political interests.

Don’t behave badly in Rivers state the ways you won’t behave in your state of origin, as an activist and journalist, radio and TV personality it is your job to present the facts fearlessly and allow the listener to make their decisions once people have the truth they will make the right decisions don’t manipulate their thoughts and minds, the people of Rivers state are not fools, don’t think for us, we can think for ourselves.

Was it Gov. Wike that brought down PH Teaching Hospital years ago and relocated it to Uni port where it is inaccessible to everyone?

Gov. Wike is right in demanding that Caverton produce the names of the human beings they have flown into Rivers state when there clearly is a ban on flights. If Elrufai says no flight into Kaduna state, Will Caverton dare to do what they did in Rivers state. How do we know they did not fly arms into Rivers state.

How do we know the people or one person does not have COVID 19.

Prince Charles had it, the PM of the United Kingdom have it and he is in intensive care in a public not private hospital and yet Rivers politicians think Gov. Wike is over reacting by closing oilmill market?

Stop sabotaging Rivers state because of your hatred for Gov. Wike. Rivers state do not cut tour nose to spite your face.

Buhari and APC is playing politics with COVID 19 against Rivers state People, Rivers state Politicians APC and PDP are playing politics with COVID 19 against Rivers state people.

Have any money, or equipments been given to our beloved Rivers state this is what we should ask ourselves.

So far the decisions Gov. Wike have taken are same as other Governors, the decisions will save lives, if you don’t like Gov. Wike fine, but don’t hate the right decisions.

Rivers state people l beg you for once think for yourselves, do some research on COVID 19

you will have it and don’t know. You will pass it on and don’t know.

Don’t allow APC and PDP use you to play politics this is not elections this is COVID 19.

Media and Activists stop twisting information to make Gov. Wike look bad, when COVID 19 comes it will not ask you if you like or hate Gov. Wike.

Politics IS ABOUT Gov Wike



And to Gov Wike l say this, l said last week on my Radio program and l will say it again the people you govern and the people who support you of which l am one and the people who dont support you and even you are all exposed to COVID 19, it is not politics, if ever there is a time to work together it is now.

How this ends will determine what will become of Rivers state and Niger Delta.

It is our state and this is a time of crisis, look within your people and seek commitment from your people.

I am not saying work people that won’t enhance your efforts and decisions No, I am saying work with people that will enhance your efforts and decisions.

The conspiracy theory of China, COVID 19, the World is real therefore the conspiracy theory against Rivers state and Niger Delta is real.

God sees the hearts that love Rivers state and the ones that hate Rivers state I believe God will bring the right hearts that Love Rivers state together and we will defeat the hearts that hate Rivers state.

God will keep COVID 19 away from our state and people by his mercy and grace for His Name sake. Amen.

The lack of knowledge about COVID 19 is deadlier than the virus itself.

Finally people of Rivers state take one moment and ask yourself WHO WILL LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU LOVE YOU?



The odds are deadly.

If you are offered two glasses of water and told take anyone you like but ONE HAVE POISION will you take anyone?

l Will not.

l will rather be thirsty for that moment.

God Save Us all.


Annkio Briggs
Daughter and Servant of Rivers state

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