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Rivers Tribunal: How Okorocha’s in- law voided Wike’s governorship


Rochas Okorocha

E-X-P-O-S-E-D! Rivers Tribunal: Justice Anwukah, Governor Rochas Okorocha’s In-law Continues her Devil Jobs. Okorocha is the APC governor of Imo state.

1] Justice Mrs Anwukah is an Election Tribunal Judge for Rivers state.

2] She is a Judge in the Imo Customary Court of Appeal, and Mother In-law to Rochas’s Second Daughter, Uju.

3] Justice Anwukah was Governor Okorocha’s nominee for Election tribunals.

4] Justice Anwukah was a member of Lagos state Election tribunal and did a good Job for APC and was moved to Rivers to continue her good job of Nullifying elections.

5] Her Husband, Prof Anwukah have been rewarded with a Ministerial appointment by Buhari.

6] Yesterday, she nullified the election of 20 PDP members of the Rivers state House Of Assembly. This type of election tribunal ruling is unprecedented in Nigerian History.

Aisha Buhari younger sister’s Husband, Justice Suleiman Ambursa, from Kaduna State was the Tribunal judge assigned to annulled the election of Governor Wike, even when an Appeal court have ruled on a similar case in Lagos.


Why was the tribunal moved from Rivers State to Abuja where they can be ‘remote controlled’ by the centre power and watched closely.

Why was Justice Pindigi who was the first tribunal judge hurriedly kicked out, which set the pace for the onslaught that removed Wike.

As soon as Pindigi was shown the way out, a judge close to President Muhammadu Buhari was shopped for, to be the Chairman of the Rivers State Election Tribunal, and the lot fell on Aisha Buhari younger sister’s Husband, Justice Suleiman Ambursa, from Kaduna State.

Justice Ambursa and President Buhari married from the same family. He was the Tribunal judge assigned to annulled the election of Governor Wike, even when an Appeal court have ruled on a similar case in Lagos.

The Court of Appeal sitting in Lagos upheld the election of Lagos State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode stating that the non-use of the card readers or the dysfunctional nature of the card readers cannot invalidate the Lagos State Governorship Election.

But in Rivers State, a different conclusion was reached.

For a full discussion of this inconsistency, read ‘APC and the Lying Judge…

Buhari and his APC should however beware!

A UK based public commentator, Kennedy Emetulu wrote:

Whoever is advising the APC on Rivers State is a dumbo and dumber are all those listening to this advice and acting on it. Fine, you want to take Rivers State but do you have to be this blatantly criminal about it? How can any legitimate Tribunal upturn 20 House of Assembly seats at once? How did it so happen that 20 seats went to the wrong people and the people of Rivers State, the electors, sat happily without protest? We are not talking one, two or three O! Twenty! C’mon! How can they do that a day after nullifying the governorship election? Do they think Nigerians are too dumb not to see where they’re going? Okay, you want to install an APC governor in the state and ensure that an APC House of Assembly is in place to support him, but do you have to act this desperate? I know Nigerian politics can be crude, but this takes the biscuit! Whatever the APC is looking for in Rivers State, they will get it, but they won’t enjoy it! When the horned chickens come home to roost, they shouldn’t think they won’t be part of those eating their bloody eggs!

From all I’ve said so far, it is increasingly looking that our democratic bubble is going to burst at the seams at the Rivers State end; but when it happens, no one should blame anyone but the APC. They don’t know how to manage success and they are too greedy to understand how to play a political game in a socially volatile polity. They have no idea how to get Nigeria moving. From the federal to state levels, all they’re invested in is vengeance and power-mongering. President Muhammadu Buhari is leading this country down a very dark path, but let no one think they have the antidote in Abuja. He has been itching to let loose his dogs of war on Rivers State. From the moment he was declared elected, he has focused on Rivers State and now we know how he wants to go about this. No one is deceived!

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t bother with the antics of politicians, but this is different. This could take the whole nation down and it is quite unnecessary! If the APC wants to take Rivers State, it’s well positioned to do so in another election cycle, but to go about it so desperately and drag the whole national edifice down in that mission must be the unkindest cut!

Oh, I know there are many blinded partisans who’d be singing and dancing at the prospect of taking over Rivers State, but they need to understand that this is a fool’s gold! There is time for partisanship; but, at all times, you must be a patriot! This is not politics; this is sacrificing Nigeria for the greed of a few. Call these bastards to order now!

Nigeria will survive you all!

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