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Ronaldo ‘insulted’ by €100m price tag


Why is Cristiano Ronaldo cheaper than some other footballers?

These are the questions being asked today by Cristiano Ronaldo after Juventus offered €100m (£88m) to sign him from Real Madrid.

While the European champions consider the bid, Spanish paper Marca reports that the deal is “in jeopardy” because the Portuguese forward is “insulted” by the size of his proposed transfer fee.

“If I’m worth €100m, it means that they don’t want me”, he is paraphrased as saying on the paper’s front cover – although it’s not totally clear if he’s referring to Real or Juve or both of them (probably both of them).

The fee would indeed make him cheaper than six other footballers in the world: Neymar (€222m), Kylian Mbappe (€180m), Philippe Coutinho (€160m), Ousmane Dembele (€150m), Paul Pogba (€105m) and – by an infuriating whisker – Gareth Bale (€100.8m).

This makes no sense to Cristiano, who is roughly five times’ better than all of them (and also roughly five times’ older, by the way).

To refuse a transfer on this basis, however, would rather seem like cutting off his nose to spite his exquisitely smooth face.

Therefore, he is still being tipped to begrudgingly go through with the thing – despite the injustice of it all – and is reportedly “house hunting in Turin”. At least if he ends up with a more expensive house than Gareth Bale that will be something.

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