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Rotation of Political Offices in Nnewichi: Setting the Record Straight

By Chief Augustine Mbonu

Silence they say is consent, therefore It is politically expedient that we the Ezeobuo-Nnewichi that have been overtly and covertly accused by a section of Nnewichi, specifically Oduda-Nnewichi of marginalising them politically open their mouth and put all the facts on the table so that the judges and jury at the court of public opinion will have all the vital information they need to analyse and pass an unbiased judgement.

In the light of the above we can now xray if Oduda-Nnewichi has truly been marginalized politically in Nnewichi. Nnewichi is made up of four quarters namely: Ezeobuo Nnewichi also known as Okpuno-Nnewichi, Abubo-Nnewichi, Obiofia-Nnewichi and Oduda Nnewichi. These four arms of Nnewichi are listed in their order of size and seniority. Each of the listed quarters has 3-2-2-1 administratives wards respectively. However, Oduda Nnewichi with one administrative ward has occupied and in some cases is still occupying various juicy political positions that have come to Nnewichi or within Nnewichi. The positions they are still presently occupying are:

1. The present Vice Chairman of Nzuko-Ora Nnewi, Sir Fabian Obi- Oduda
2. The present President General of Nnewichi, Mr Cyril Okoro- Oduda
3. The present APGA chairman Nnewi North, Hon Chike Agwuncha- Oduda.
4. Hon. John Nwosu, member APGA Board of Trustee.
5. The present Vice Chairman of Nnewi North Local Government, Sir Pius Onwuka- Oduda
6. The present Special Adviser to the Governor on Budget and Planning, Ogbuefi Melie Onyejepu- Oduda(This position and that of Hon. John Nwosu are based on individual achievement however it has been used subtly by Oduda to skew issues in their favour).

Pray, tell me, with all these powerful political positions that came to Nnewichi and being presently occupied by Oduda-Nnewichi ,does it look like they are being marginalised politically? The most powerful man politically in Nnewichi today is the PG of Nnewichi. It is no secret that in constitutional monarchy as being practised in Nnewi, the PG is akin to the prime minister. The PG sees to the day-to-day administrative running of Nnewichi and this powerful political position is presently occupied by Oduda-Nnewichi yet they accuse Ezeobuo of political marginalization.

The insinuation that Ezeobuo is marginalizing the rest of Nnewichi is a clear case of giving a dog a bad name in other to hang it. And why this is so is simply because Oduda Nnewichi, through their son, who is the Prime Minister of Nnewichi tried to introduce rotation in respect to these political offices; State House of Assembly, PG Nzuko-Ora Nnewi and Chairman Nnewi North LG. Well, with this, a 9 man committee was set up to look into this matter and come up with a recommendation. The following dignitaries are members of this committee;

1. Hon. Andrew Nnodu- Abubo(Chairman)
2. Hon. Jimmy Nwangwu- Ezeobuo(Secretary)
3. Hon. Azuka Okeke- Ezeobuo
4. Hon. Nchedo Obo!h- Obiofia
5. Dim Leonard Onwuatuegwu- Ezeobuo
6. Chief Emma Udegbunam- Abubo
7. Chief. Dom Enumah- Oduda
8. Mr. Okwudili Ubaezuonu- Oduda
9. Hon. Anthony Nzewi- Obiofia

It is noteworthy to underscore that despite Oduda having only one ward were still asked to nominate two of their sons to be members of this committee instead of one they duly deserve. Moving on, this committee met for 24 times and in their wisdom recommended that the political offices that will accrue to Nnewichi should be rotated in the following order moving forward; Ezeobuo being the senior will go for State House of Assembly, the next office to come either Chairman of LGA or PG of Nzuko-Ora should go to Abubo, the next political office will go to Obiofia while Odida follows next in line.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and fellow countrymen at the court of public opinion, it was this recommendation that gave rise to the accusation that Ezeobuo-Nnewichi is marginalizing Oduda-Nnewichi. We need to reiterate that it was never Ezeobuo-Nnewichi that came up with the idea of rotation of political offices in Nnewichi. It was Oduda-Nnewichi and it is interesting to also note that Obi Nnewichi advised the Oduda led Nnewichi executive to leave the contest open to all Ndi-Nnewichi but the Prime Minister and his EXCO insisted otherwise.

Surprisingly, following the committee’s recommendation Oduda started to echo marginalization. It is equally important to note that the prime minister in his desperate bid to achieve a predetermined end broke all rules and conventions of meeting. The PM on the receipt of the committee’s report refused to summon the Executive meeting of Nzuko Agamniru Nnewichi to discuss the report as convention and due process demands. Neither did he invite the committee for interactions to discuss the details of their report against all pleas by well meaning Nnewichi indigenes to toe the right path. Then the Prime minister on the presentation of report to the general assembly against all democratic process failed to build consensus of opinion but single handedly rejected the committees report all to ensure he succeeded in executing his clannish interest.

Moving on, Oduda Nnewichi in their macabre attempt to paint Ndi Ezeobuo black have been inundating whoever cares to listen that the Ezeobuo-Nnewichi is not supposed to contest for Anambra State House of Assembly because when the position came to Nnewichi it was their son, Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu, that won the position. This argument being put up that since Barr. Ben Chuks Nwosu from Ezeobuo has gone to state house of Assembly therefore no onye Ezeobuo should go again is a complete fallacy and hogwash.

Now it is time we face the truth because the truth will always face us. What then is the truth? The honest truth is that Barr. Ben Chuks from Ezeobuo contested and won the first house of assembly seat that came to Nnewichi. But the bigger truth is that he contested this seat in an open free-for-all contest with aspirants from other quarters. These were the following aspirants as at then; Barr. Ben Chuks- Ezeobuo, Engr. Maduka Okoye(Ichekwiliche)- Abubo, Hon John Harris Mbonu- Ezeobuo and Hon. Acada Okongwu- Abubo. It is equally important that after Barr. Ben Chuks clinched his party ticket Engr. Maduka Okoye challenged his victory up to the Court of Appeal. This part of the story is always deliberately omitted.

From the forgoing it is evident that Barr. Ben Chuks never went to the house as onye Ezeobuo or because of rotation. This was a pure open contest. So why is Oduda trying so hard to use the backdoor to force Ezeobuo to admit that the spoils of war gotten after battling with other aspirants from almost all the quarters of Nnewichi should now take the place of the share of Ezeobuo? Assuming this anomaly should be the case, wisdom demands that they apply tact and diplomacy not threats, gossips, mudslinging and character assassination of Ezeobuo-Nnewichi leaderhip.

In conclusion, it is fitting to itemise the real reason Oduda-Nnewichi is championing this campaign of calumny against Ezeobuo-Nnewichi and why they unilaterally through the prime minister of Nnewichi reject the recommendation of the House of Assembly committee:

1. Since they now control almost all the major political offices in Nnewichi, they believe that now is the best time they execute their agelong political domination agenda in Nnewichi.
2. They pride themselves in believing that since Nnewi North APGA chairman is from Oduda, it will be an easy ride for an Oduda son to clinch the party ticket. If this move fails they will use their beloved sons in whom they are well pleased to talk the governor into giving an Oduda son the party ticket.
3. Oduda-Nnewichi always see Ezeobuo-Nnewichi as their only stumbling block in their quest to become the political cabal in Nnewichi and one of the ways to weaken their self created rival is to continually fight and paint them black.

To this end, this style of Oduda-Nnewichi to constantly blackmail Ezeobuo and stampede the rest of Nnewichi because they have many Abrahams as fathers while at the same time crying marginalised is simply unfair and totally insincere. Marginalised means unimportant, oppressed and powerless and Oduda-Nnewichi presently politically, is not a reflection of these adjectives.

Chief Augustine Mbonu
President General
Ezeobuo Nnewichi.

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