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Rowdy Session At NASS Shows Buhari Has Failed — Atiku’s SA

Says he should resign


President Muhammadu Buhari’s emphasis that the world is watching while the Legislative Arm disagreed and indirectly passed a vote of no confidence on him is a clear indication of his failure and incompetence.

According to a statement signed by the SA on Youth Support Groups to PDP Presidential Candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (Wazirin Adamawa), in saner climes, the expected outcome of the President  would have been immediate resignation.

“That majority of the country’s lawmakers disagreed with Mr. Buhari should have told him that there is loss of confidence in his administration.

“What he ought to have done was the needful, instead of attempting to whip up unnecessary sentiments by repeatedly saying, ‘The world is watching’.

“Was the world not watching, when this present executive arm of government led by Buhari blatantly refused to respect other arms through arm twisting and intimidation?

“The same Buhari with impunity refused to respect the Judicial Arm when they granted bail to Dasuki.

“The same government failed to realise that the world is watching when they blatantly looked the other way as Nigerians are dying daily of hunger and deprivation as a result of the government’s insensitivity and incompetence.

“The world will actually be expecting Mr. Buhari to see the hand writing on the wall that Nigerians from all demographics are completely tired of him and are gearing up to oust him through the polls.

“Buhari should also remember that as we go to the polls, the world will be watching, hence there should be no attempts of subverting the will of the people as the world will back Nigerians to vehemently reject and attempts to illegally prolong his stay in power.

“Just as we wait for Alhaji Atiku Abubakar whom we are optimistic as a result of his popularity will trounce Buhari at the polls to be sworn-in in 2019, we call on Nigerians to be patient and do the needful during the polls,” he said.

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