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Ruga: S/East Group Dares Coalition Of Northern Groups


The Southeast Youth and Human Rights Group known as Peoples Rights Organsation, in a press statement captured by our correspondent, has berated and dared the Coalition of Northern Groups who threatened in a broadcast by its spokesman, Abdul Azeez Suleiman, to commence the expulsion of the Southern Nigerians resident in the North if the Federal Government refuses to rescind on the sudden suspension of its RUGA Cattle- Settlement policy in 30 days time.

Reacting over the 30-day ultimatum against the Southerners resident in the North, the Spokesman of the Southeast and Peoples Rights Organization, Comrade Paul Ikechukwu Njoku, lambasted and dared the Northern Groups to do their worst. Comrade Paul, described them as illiterates and xenophobic elements who delight in terrorism, rape, land grabbing, maiming, religious bigotry, kidnapping, wandering, banditry, bombing, killing and butchering of innocent and defenseless Nigerians and Christians.

“It has come to our notice that the emissary of juvenile delinquency, stupidity, illiteracy and clueless xenophobia have permanently dominated the cognitive domain of the unproductive and callous Coalition of Northern Groups and other elements orchestrated by the Northern ruling class and her elites.

“The unsolicited effrontery exhibited by one aged Abdul Azeez Suleiman, who situates as the spokesperson of the naive Coalition of Northern Groups in which he deluded in a national television few days ago when he threatened the Federal Government of Nigeria with an ultimatum of 30 days to rescind her decision over the suspension of the Jihadist Fulanization and Islamization policy propagated and organised against the indigenous Southern natives otherwise “RUGA”. This cowardly threat will not be tolerated by the Southeast youths.

“We therefore dare Mallam Abdul Azeez Suleman and his sponsored collaborators to attempt accomplishing their empty threats of annihilating and evicting the law-abiding Southern Nigerians resident in the North at the expiration of their 30-day dateline.

“We are stating it unequivocally that the Southeastern youths will rise up to the occasion to engage the Northern youths in a war. We will crush you in your web and body bags if you push us. We will be bloody against Northerners resident in the Southern Nigeria should Abdul’s bloody threat is accomplished by the Coalition Groups. We must protect and defend ourselves to the compatibility of the Southern sensibilities. We will not allow people with a framed tendency to crawl into our house and dominate our environment by RUGA-bloodbaths. RUGA crusaders can not be trusted by anyone with proper sensory organs and stimuli.

“The unlawful and irresponsible rhythmic and monotonous war- mongering by the Northern Coalition groups is a confirmation that Nigeria must be restructured or divided. The Igbos are no more interested in this fraudulent marriage of the Caliphate-imposed contraption called Nigeria. We are not callous and lazy. Our natural resources are used to develop and feed the lazy Northern Groups who always threaten to maim, expel and kill their Southern landlords.

“These sons of perdition, uncircumcised Philistines and bunch of intellectually kwashiokored quota system elements masquerading as the Coalition of Northern Groups must be careful not to be mangled into a complete mangle of metals.

“When would these descendants of Usman Danfodio begin to excel in many other fields of human endeavors like education, business, sports and entertainments than indulging in rape, terrorism, maiming, banditry, land-grabbing, killings, bombing and butchering of the defenseless and Innocent Nigerians?

“RUGA, should be resisted from the Middle Belt to the Atlantic. It is a policy of a jihadist pointer of the Fulanization and Islamization agenda which utterly violates our constitution and the Supreme court decisions on the Land Use Act. The size of the RUGA Fulani settlement budgeted by the Buhari-led government under the sponsorship of oil funds from the Southern Nigeria and tax-payers’ money, grossly violate the Universal principles of unbiased governance, equity, good conscience and patriotic mindset expected of any good leader and statesman under any constitutional democracy.

“Its suspension is still a deceit and a gross violation of our common Land Use laws. Why did Mr.President have to suspend RUGA? The protest and rejection was only in the South. Most Northern States want the RUGA cattle policy. Suspending the RUGA programme because the South rejected it, means that the project was obviously aimed at land grabbing in the South. It means that Buhari wants to use federal might to forcefully grab Southern lands and settle his wandering Fulani family who are being rejected across Africa due to their crude and outdated 11th Century mentality of cattle-rearing in the modern 21st Century.

“It is pertinent to notify the Northern Coalition Groups that Buhari does not genuinely love the Northern-Fulani caliphate. He has been attracting more global hate than love for his people. If he does love his people, the amount of funds budgeted for RUGA should have gone a long way to fighting insecurity, poverty, diseases, Boko haram, Fulani banditry and illiteracy in the North. All that matters to Buhari since he came into office is Fulani herdsmen, open-grazing route, RUGA, Fulani this, Fulani that. If Buhari actually has good intention for his own Northern people, the huge funds wasted in search of the imaginary oil at the Lake Chad region including the huge funds embezzled in the fake war against Boko Haram, should have been invested properly in the North.

“Buhari should have built artisan opportunities for the Fulani killer pastoralists and Northern bandits who have vacated most prominent Northern Chiefs and traditional rulers out of town. He should have also built over 1,000 dams from the Futa Jalon to Lake Chad instead of the Refinery in Katsina and a rail connection to Niger Republic that have no economic benefit. If Buhari had built or maintained a dam for his Fulani brothers in the North, the Sahel Green, should have been grown in ranches to stop his Fulani family from shamelessly roaming across Nigeria looking for peoples’ land to grab.

“The Northern Coalition Groups must be informed that we will continue to resist the Buhari’s clandestine deception of importing his homeless Fulani brothers from Chad, Niger, Senegal, Guinea, Mali and Libya into Nigeria at our deadly risk and disposition.

“However, we want Ruga to be outrightly terminated and permanently canceled. We are on guard. We do not need your cattle. Since the inception of this administration, the country has gone to the dog. It has been nothing but blood, tears and sorrow flowing from Jos, Taraba, Sokoto, Ekiti, Imo, Southern Kaduna, Benue and across Nigerian States.

“We hereby instruct the Northern foreign Fulani youths to go and graze their cattle in Sambisa forest. Lands in the Northwest Nigeria can contain and contend all the Fulani and their cattle in Africa. Graze in your region and forego the jihadist RUGA settlement programme. Cattle business is a personal business. We will never tolerate further threats from the Northern war-mongers in spite of the deadly crises and unconventional genocide across the country by the Fulani killer herdsmen.

“We want to categorically remind the Coalition of Northern Groups that Fulanis are foreigners from the Futa Jalon in the modern day Guinea who migrated to Nigeria in 1804. Fulanis do not represent 3% of the Nigerian population and her ethnic groups. In other words, Buhari’s solution for this crises must not be encouragement, romancing, petting and funding the killer herders against the indigenous Nigerians. He must stop giving them fire for more fire against Nigerians.

First, it was the reported 100 billion naira given to the Fulanis. Second, was the exclusive Fulani radio while today is the RUGA settlement programme. Since RUGA is a Fulani word for village, we therefore refuse our villages to be used as a RUGA. We are fully prepared to defend ourselves in a relentless war with you if you dare us with a war and ejection,” Comrade Njoku, wrote.

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