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Sanusi Lamido Sanusi: Gaskiya and the Herod in Kano

By Martin- Hassan Eze


It is yet another dark noon in Nigeria. The vultures in Aso Villa will surely be in a festive mood over a successful dirty job in Kano by their lieutenant. The people have once again lost at the battle field. Saddening!

As I put pen on paper, the philosopher king will be somewhere in the dusty village of Loko in Nasarawa State. A bush without any iota of modern development. That is the prize for speaking the truth; speaking to power, speaking to a wrong people in a wrong country where sinners are canonised and saints banished.

The legendary Mohammadu Sanusi 11 have been banished and exiled for standing with the Talakas in the North and the self claimed lover of truth, epitome of integrity and friend of the poor is drinking champagne. Bishop Kukah after all exposed him. The dubious fool with fake credentials all over, thinks he can fool Nigerians with his false piety. We now know him for who he truly is.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi is a genius whose intellection, creativity, and profound articulation caused sore throats for Buhari and Buharideens; the college of feudal lords and their clan of godforsaken ravenous and ruinious political executives in the North. He was up against the oppression and exploitation of his subjects using the religion of Islam and religious politics.

They hated him for not playing along with them in their dirty games and deals against the people. SLS was derided, cajoled , despised and finally dethroned and banished from the city of his Ancestors by these monsters who have by their voodoo like looting of our common wealth, have cast a spell of poverty in the North and perpetual economic retrogression and underdevelopment.

SLS was a century ahead of these power drunks in Aso Villa and Kano. A Guru with a learning of a teacher, the oratorial flourish of a preacher and the deep insight of a philosopher. And , we all know that the Nigerian system under the old fox don’t and can’t accommodate men of guts like him. Only minions, bootlickers, and sycophants flourish under Buharia. Why not? When this regime praise the idiocy of riffraffs as façade of wisdom. Tufiakwa! Men of courage and principle like Bishop Kukah, OBJ, Shehu Sani, Buba Galadima, Tanko Yakassai, Prof. Wole Soyinka and Olisa Agbakoba who can look the Deity into the face and tell him to go to hell are now endangered species. Will the vultures also dethrone and banish Bishop Kukah from his Cathedral in Sokoto? We all know what could have happened to the Sultan if not that the broom was not allowed close to the Government House in Sokoto.

Nigerians in power don’t like the truth. Pitiably , Northerners hate it with the passion of a Taliban Mullah. Ganduje, the dollar thieving mediocre and his pay masters in Abuja who are urinating on Nigerians and claiming it is raining will do everything to square and squash a man intensely engaging,extremely intelligent and brilliant like SLS. He dared the Herod in Kano, spoke the truth to the Mubutu in Abuja and gave all Buharideens who take joy in swimming in deceit sleepless nights. For allowing good darkness to fall on the ominous reign of mediocrity, SLS have become an extra- mundane. In a Nation where people can not only sell the truth and their conscience for a pot of messy political porridge but even their mothers, SLS is a Hero.

SLS can be dethroned and banished but the truth will never be dethroned and banished. Ganduje and co have only succeeded in fetching water with a basket. They will soon realise that SLS is a man they are unfit to untire his sandals in this world and even in the next to come. They have sowed the wind and will surely reap the whirlwind.

Sanusi Lamido Sanusi like all hero’s before him have swallowed a pestle and will remain standing. He gave out what money can buy in other to get what money cannot buy: integrity. His place in history is already assured.

This is a temporal victory for the Herod in Kano and the Pilate in Aso Villa. So, I console myself with these lines of Late Dele Giwa: ‘No evil deed can go unpunished. Any evil done by man to man will be redressed, if not by man, then by God, if not now, certainly later’. Cikena! I rest my case!

Martin- Hassan Eze (07051587155 SMS only)

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