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SARSes Militating Against the People of Anambra, and Star Protesters ~ By Harris Chuma, Ph.D


End SARS protests have continued as the movement’s focus expanded to include complaints of police brutality, and wider calls for democracy. In Anambra, there are deadly “SARSes” to fight; a better and rewarding future will be possible when we elect to hold our political leaders, public office holders accountable, responsible for their actions and inactions.

Escalating protests yesterday after the Governor Chief Willie Obiano previously addressed the end SARS protesters wherein he announced the long anticipated sack of his erstwhile security aide, CSP James Nwafor (Rtd) who had been fingered, allegedly responsible for gross misconduct, corruption, nefarious practices and human rights violations while he held sway as OC SARS at Awkuzu headquarters Anambra.

As in other states who are running series on end SARS campaign, some notable Anambra born music stars had claimed leadership of the protest that was scheduled to begin and end around the state capital, Awka. Music stars namely Kaycee, Flavor, Phyno and others alongside some government officials and good number of Anambra youths protesters jirated on the streets, and roads leading to the Alex Ekwueme Square Awka in solidarity rally to end SARS in Nigeria.

The mammoth crowd attracted by the visiting star musicians saw the movement downward to Awkuzu SARS headquarters where the so called activists cum music stars abandoned the protest, protesters, borrowed wings and disappeared into thin air. While the unrelenting, courageous and determined protesters attempted to create a venue for dialog or even background talks with the police officers at the SARS headquarters failed to get off the ground, hampered in part by the leaderless nature of the protest movement, which makes it difficult to say who, if anyone, could take part in negotiations with the Police officers who unprovoked shot sporadically in the air, dispersing the surging crowd with so much ease.

The protesters having lost leadership and scared of bloody violence scampered out of the area, when bricks pelting couldn’t end the show. The clash with the trigger ready police officers saw the end-SARS movement with star musicians coming to an abrupt halt as the protesters ran for their lives. Protesters who journeyed from different parts of the state to join the star musician’s end-SARS roadshow got stranded at Awkuzu after the encounter with the police. Thanks to the benevolent nature of GUO transport company as they were handy to salvage the situation. Many protesters would have passed the night on the streets and expressway.

Before the end-SARS movement, the Anambra star musicians had been unspent, nonchalant, and regrettably unconcerned with the plights of ndi Anambra. In search of quality entertainment, Anambra youths could always honour their Christmas shows sponsored by the state government, and other private persons who are stupendously wealthy. They were known and referred to as “celebrity electoral materials”. They showed up at political Campaign rallies to sing and dance shamelessly in support of the pay master. These accidental activists cared less about the citizens call for local government elections in the state, the renewed agitation to end “Caretaker Syndrome”. They cared less about the unsavory state of our roads, they are blind to the economic deprivations, the untold hardships, the joblessness and unemployment rates in the state. We hope that the music stars who came to party at Awka during the ENDSARS protest yesterday will be so kind to join and lend their VOICES in the ongoing call for Governor Obiano’s administration to conduct local government Council’s elections, return power to the people at the grassroots, promote evenly distribution of dividends of democracy. Let our music stars know and understand that Anambra state has gotten myriads of issues retarding our growth and development. Let the music stars know and understand that Anambra desperately needs them to run advocacy on good governance. Our political leaders are very far from the reality on ground.

The music stars who usually end up as praise singers to any government in power should see the need to join forces with ndi Anambra as we demand for democratic leadership experience at various levels, communities and Local government Councils. Those aforementioned areas are currently the viral SARSes militating against the people of Anambra. Therefore, our music stars, movie stars, politicians, diplomats, scholars, able youths, business men and women should rise up, speak out, and support the clarion call to end “Caretaker Syndrome” in the state

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