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Satanic entreaty from Tinubu to Edo people ~ by David Adonri


In a devious move at influencing the gubernatorial election in Edo State, Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu recently broadcast a partisan and mischievous  message to Edo people. What an insult to the sensibilities of Edolites.

Is Tinubu the type of person who should advice people on the tenets of democracy? A coward who ran away from Nigeria during the bitter struggle to end military dictatorship. This is a discredited politician with pariah status in his Party but prides himself with the illusory title of national leader.

Latching on the herd mentality of Yorubas and their penchant for tribal politics, Tinubu found it easy, based on enormous resources garnered as governor, to seize the reins of leadership in Western Nigeria. Now he is eager to extend his conquered territory to Edo State to strengthen his inordinate quest for presidency.

Recently, Desmond Elliot, a Lagos State legislator stated that Tinubu is his political godfather. He is not alone under Tinubu’s iron grip as godfather. All APC governors, Legislators and political appointees in Western States were selected by him.

They all report to him and work for him as the godfather of the very brutal Western political mafia organization. By his firm control of the State Houses of Assembly, Tinubu dangles the threat of impeachment to ensure that governors remain his puppets.

In his first term as governor of Lagos State, he misused the legislature to unjustly sack Senator Kofo Akerele Bucknor, his deputy. The very successful Governor Raji Fashola narrowly escaped impeachment Tinubu fomented by securing a timely injunction from an Ikorodu High Court.

This merciless and power hungry godfather of Yoruba politics has through his control of Western governments, expropriated public funds and grabbed choice lands in Western States. He is probably the largest land owner in Nigeria.

His swoop on Lagos, the main cash cow, has left the State in prostrate condition. Lagos State has been rendered desolate by the relentless sucking of its blood by Tinubu. It is now the most indebted State in Nigeria despite its huge revenue.

Paradoxically, Yorubas are not complaining and they continue to revere him as their sociopolitical Messiah. That Yorubas are comfortable with Tinubu’s godfatherism, does not mean it is acceptable to other Nigerians.

Having brought this calamity of APC national government into existence, Tinubu thought he can elevate his gangsterism to federal level by seizing control of leadership in the National Assembly.

To shield the presidency from his evil machinations, Fulanis  warded him off, consigning his foothold only to the House of Reps where Gbajabiamila, his surrogate presides.

Although Edos and Yorubas share common affinities, they are not like Yorubas who readily accept servitude to political godfather. By inheritance, Edos are proud custodians of a distinguished ancient heritage that cannot come under any godfather’s subservience.

Edo’s intolerance to the combined godfatherism unleashed on Lucky by Aneni, Igbinedion and Ogbemudia, led to their shift from PDP after Lucky’s tenure to APC.

Little did Edo people know that after saving themselves from the jaws of sharks,  Comrade Adams Oshiomole who dismantled godfatherism in the State, will try to deliver Edo to the claws of APC Lions and Tigers under the dreaded leadership of Tinubu.

Only God delivered Edo State from Oshiomole’s devilish plan, copied from Tinubu to make Governor Obaseki his puppet through wicked manipulation of internal democracy, to flood the State Assembly with his surrogates.

As a God fearing and principled leader, Governor Obaseki refused to surrender the State government for plundering by ravenous godfathers but I seriously doubt if Pastor Osagie Ize Iyamu can, considering his antecedents.

Tinubu’ message to Edo on Saturday’s election is a devilish epistle from an apostle of doom. It is misleading and not worthy of consideration.

David Adonri

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