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Searching For Peter Obi’s Watches ― By Valentine Obienyem


Ordinarily, people of his status should be talking about how many carat gold are contained in their many watches. Some have bags full of them and other items that are seen by our people as status symbol.

However, speaking on Platform on what ended up as the most important speech of the year, Obi revealed that he owns only one watch and two pair of shoes.

He made this comment in passing, just to emphasize the fact that worldly acquisition is not to his taste because they are not ennobling.

It is not surprising that e-rats of Awka, whom we understood, convinced that the speech would be epochal, held a meeting  before the event and wryly agreed to look for any possible loopholes to attack it.

When they found none, they resorted to the wrist watch foolishness.

I have posted the pictures they deliberately made to look blurred and, fixed in their usual folly, are insisting it was three different watches.

The pictures (attached) were deliberately blurred that no one could even dictate any difference or similarity or sameness by looking at them.

What are they trying to prove? 

One of the pictures even looked like the sports watch Obi used to wear for counting his steps in a day. He no longer uses it since his new phone has that feature.

If only the message these people could make out from the epochal speech is wrist watches/shoes, then one is justified to pity them.

What do you have to say about this foolery? These people should better grow up.

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