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Security in Anambra makes the diaspora to think home – Ex-UK Councilor


The current security situation in Anambra state is encouraging the people of the state  in diaspora to think home and see reason to come down to contribute their quotas toward the development of the state, so said Hon. Ikechukwu Isaac, an Igbo man who is an ex-councilor in the United Kingdom (UK). 

Speaking to 247UReport in an interview on visit to Akpo, his home town in Anambra at the weekend, Hon Igwe who served as an elected councilor under the Labour Party at Medway Council in Kent, UK from 2011- 2015 stated that the news about adequate security in Anambra state is a good story that gladden the heart of the people of the state out there in the UK.

The former councilor noted that the news of kidnapping and armed robbery scare people away from their home town as nobody would wish to be kidnaped or robbed at gunpoint, adding that he was encouraged to visit Akpo by series of reports from the home front that Anambra has been rid of kidnappers and armed robbers who terrorized the residents and visitors of the state for a long time. 

“Ordinarily security is the key to development because people like to invest where their business is secured, some Nigerians travel as far as China, Dubai the UK and other places to invest because they feel that their investment are well secured out there, so the security situation is encouraging Ndigbo in the UK and other places to come home and invest and I think, I have come to invest” he added

Speaking on his political experience, he said that he is a mental health practitioner but some time along the line, some Labor Party politicians who were impressed with his service and attitude to others lured him into politics and in 2011 he contested election into the Medway Council under the platform the Labor and won, adding that he served out the tenure of four years in 2015 and went back to his practice. 

“Some people took notice of what I do and my impressive relationship with the people and encouraged me to go into politics and I moved into Labour party to play politics, so far so good, I have contested election, won and served in the Medway council and it helped me to gain more experience which has prepared me well for future challenges” he added

Informed that some of the diasporas who have had opportunity to serve in Nigeria at the state and federal level failed to live up to expectations, he admitted that they could fail because they don’t have experience in politics and leadership generally, adding that not all in diaspora are involved in politics, consequently they won’t have experience required to serve in certain offices. 

“In fact in the UK in particular not a large number of Nigerians are actively involved in politics, so my take is that those who had opportunity to serve but could not perform and live up to expectations, lack experience. Somebody does not have experience in legislative services may not be able to stand the test of time in the Nigeria system because of one thing or the other” he said 

He also blamed the failure of people to live up to expectations in service to misplacement of areas of specialization by the people at the helm of affairs noting that a medical practitioner cannot guarantee good service in sport and somebody in legal profession cannot guarantee good service in trade and commerce. 

Citing himself as an example, he said that as mental health practitioner he can only do a better job in the health sector adding that it is important for those at the helm of affairs to ensure that right people are fixed in the right places and at the right time for the purpose of quality service delivery. 

“The secret of success is engaging right people in the right place and at the right time and that is how they do it in the UK” he maintained.

Going further, he advised the Igbo to embrace the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) as party with Igbo background and which could be more favorable to them because of the political ideology of the founding fathers of the party. 

He said, “With my knowledge in politics of Nigeria, I believe that APGA is the ideal choice for Ndigbo as a people, as a party that has its root from late Igbo leader Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, I believe that the party not only understands the interest of Ndigbo but also in a better position to protect the same interest, other political parties might equally understand it but what about the issue of protecting it

“From my observations, other parties have failed to protect the interest of Ndigbo; I have gone round and I saw the terrible condition of the federal roads all over the southeast; I see the imbalance appointment at the federal level where Ndigbo is clearly shortchanged and marginalized.

“I see the high rate of unemployment among the youth in the southeast; unemployment is a global problem but the government in Nigeria are not doing enough for the people in the southeast, so to me Ndigbo should henceforth embrace APGA as a rallying point”

The Akpo in Aguata born chieftain of British Labor party cited governor Willie Obiano’s wonderful achievements in Anambra as example of what APGA could offer if Ndigbo totally embrace the party as a platform adding that Obiano’s achievement in security, in roads, particularly the massive construction of flyover bridges at Awka, improvement in agriculture, education, health and prompt payment of workers’ monthly salary among other things he has seen on ground are in line with the ideology and manifesto of APGA.

While continuing on Obiano’s administration, he observed that people has started drumming support for the governor to enter the race for a second term in office and that is clear evidence that he is doing well. 

“From what is going on I believe the governor has done creditably well and by my judgement he should yield to the call to come out and contest for reelection to enable. implement  other things he in mind”.

Ejike Nwangwu

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