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Security Votes: Nzeribe blasts S/E govs, vows to rid region of herdsmen in 1 month if elected


An aspirant in the forthcoming Anambra State 2021 governorship election under the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Hon. Chuma Nzeribe has lambasted South East governors who take jumbo sums as security vote, yet are docile as Fulani herdsmen slaughter, rape, maim, wreak havoc in the South East region.

Hon. Nzeribe, a former Member of the House of Representatives, made the remarks during an exclusive no holds barred interview with Elombah Television on Sunday, June 6, where he featured as a Special Guest.

Nzeribe was speaking on the topic “Rising Insecurity in the South East, an existential threat to Ndigbo“.

He wondered why governors will dip hands into the coffers of their various state governments and take away as much as one billion Naira only to come back  and cry wolf.

Recently, a governor went on air and lamented that he does not have control over the security apparatchiks in his state as they take orders from the Federal Government in Abuja.

According to Nzeribe, that explains why the murderous Fulani herdsmen have developed the temerity to move about in their numbers across the region leaving behind trails of woes and destruction.

He noted that a few years back in the history of Nigeria, cattle were transported to the South East using heavy lorries like trailers but that the cattle now move on foot, eating and destroying farms along the way.

Worse yet, when the farmers rise up to defend their farms and properties, he noted, the murderous herders will attack, maim, rape, or even kill the defenseless farmers.

He lamented that the case is made more complicated as the Fulani herders move around with sophisticated assault rifles like AK-47 and have been known to attack whole villages.

The latest scenario in the South East was the attack on an Ebonyi State community where they killed at least thirty persons.

Reacting to the rising insecurity in the South East, Nzeribe said:

“We’ve had herdsmen living amongst us in times past and even though there were clashes between farmers and herders , it was never this bad.

“What we have now is Fulani militia killing and attacking our lands in the South East.”

Nzeribe, therefore, vowed to rid the South East region of Fulani herdsmen within one month if elected as governor of the state.

His words: “If I become the governor of Anambra State, I will clear the state of Fulani herdsmen within one month.

I can guarantee you that and I owe no one any apology for this statement.”

Speaking further, he said: “If I catch any Fulani man with Ak-47, I will deal with him with abundant and professional ruthlessness.

“When you make example with one or two, nobody will dare come into Anambra State bearing assault rifles.”

Watch video of the full interview below:

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