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See How Igbo Madam Killed Her Only Son Out Of Love


Akwaugo was alone in her grief. It wasn’t until later that it dawned on her that what she did was dangerous even to herself. Her world has collapsed. She has made up her mind. Suicide would settle it.

The birth of Obuyagadi, her only son after many miscarriages, gave her joy unspeakable. The fact that she married late and was still able to give birth at the age of 49 was to her, a miracle.

She made a solemn promise to love and protect her son, her God’s gift, with her own life and she kept her promise.

Obuyagadi was as handsome as his dad but was tied to the apron strings of his mum even at age 17. He never played rough plays with his mates and fought no one. His closeness to his mum had earned him a nickname of “Nneka” i.e. “Mother is supreme” by his age mates.

One fateful Eke market day, Akwaugo had just arranged her wares for sales in her shop when she heard someone calling her. It was her son’s History teacher. She was required to follow him to the General Hospital. Obuyagadi had fainted in school but was rushed to the hospital.

How Akwaugo was able to arrive the hospital in so a short interval was surprising to the principal who knew when he sent the History teacher to go fetch the mother of one of his best students.

Her son had regained consciousness before the principal’s Lada car carrying him to hospital arrived. He had been admitted into a ward and was in bed when the mother arrived.

Doctor on duty ran some tests and appendicitis was diagnosed. The boy’s appendix had ruptured and he needed to be opened up as a matter of emergency to remove the ruptured appendix and to clean up the spill of its poisonous content.

The operation was successful but the surgeon dropped an instruction that the patient should not be given any food or oral fluid until he farted or “messed” which was a proof of bowel movement. This was expected to happen within 48 hours from the time the surgery was done. It was only then that the patient could be given fluids or pap.

The nurses kept to the doctor’s instruction and refused all entreaties by Obuyagadi to be allowed to drink water. He started feeling thirsty when he woke up from his induced sleep.

When the nurse on duty left to attend to a new emergency case, Obuyagadi looked at his mum and said “Nne so you have joined these people to unleash wickedness on your son? How can you be here and I will die of thirst?” The mother’s heart melted and she shouted “Chukwu ajụ!” meaning “”God forbid!”

Akwaugo gave her son, she loved so much, a bottle of water to help himself and quench his thirst. She wouldn’t be alive and her son would lack. It was a promise she made to her God.

Within 20 minutes of guzzling the water, Obuyagadi clutched his stomach writhing in pains. The guilt of the violation of doctor’s instruction would not allow the mother and child alert the nurses.

Akwugo further gave her son a cup of Locozade, an energy drink, she bought to see if it would work but, and that made him feel more pains.

Obuyagadi’s loud shriek in response to a bitting pain alerted the nurses.

The doctors tried to save the boy but he died.

It was a tragedy.

Many at times parents, out of love, mothers give their beloved children what would destroy them. Some even fight teachers who discipline or dared to correct their wards.

Unfortunately, those parents expect those kids to turn out as healthy citizens after feeding them with poisonous love.

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