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See photos of Nigerians stranded in Russia

Nigerians Who Used World Cup As Migration Strategy Stranded In Russia

Some Nigerians that traveled to witness the 2018 World Cup in Russia are stranded and unable to go back home Elombah News has learnt.

Some of the travelers who fled into other countries from Russia to obtain Schengen visa also getting stranded in the process.

According to reports, the victims have only FAN IDs, which the Russian government issued as a visa substitute to foreigners traveling to attend the FIFA World Cup. This means they can’t use the document to get a job.

With nowhere to go, they’re going about Russia looking for help.

Hear their plea to the Nigerian and Russian governments;

“We came here to come and plead to our government in Nigeria because all of us came here to watch football, and we paid our flight tickets to and fro. “But unfortunately, we cannot get return back to Nigeria because our return tickets were cancelled and it is so disappointing to us as we never planned to stay in Russia.”

“We want to go back and that is why we are pleading to both our government and that of Russia to help us.”

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