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Segun Oni called Fayemi a thief, said he will rot in jail

Segun Oni called Fayemi a thief, said he will rot in jail

Segun Oni and his Adaba Radio diatribe: My Take

 I was so busy yesterday that I couldn’t give a drop of my time to the interview of my former boss and ex-governor of Ekiti State, Chief Segun Oni on ADABA RADIO, Akure.

I heard he called Gov Fayose all kinds on names and I am not surprised Oga Segun Oni has been infected with the APC Double-mouthed Syndrome (ADS).

I still remember Oga Segun Oni calling Dr Kayode Fayemi a THIEF and saying that he will rot in jail. 

Oga Segun Oni even propelled us then to form pressure groups against Fayemi to expose his (Fayemi) looting of Ekiti State through various means, including printing and sharing of pamphlets.

When Fayemi scrapped the University of Science and Technology, Ifaki Ekiti (USTI), Oga Segun Oni was so embittered that he rained abuses on Fayemi.

Oga Segun Oni called Fayemi a THIEF that should rot in JAIL, the same Fayemi and Oni are now friends politically.

Fayemi too said Oga Segun Oni should be in JAIL for being Ekiti State Governor ILLEGALLY and went on to remove Oni’s PICTURES from the Governor’s Office. 

He (Fayemi ) insisted that Oni must not be addressed as FORMER GOVERNOR of Ekiti State and even stopped the IFAKI DAY 2012 advert on EKTV and EKITI RADIO because Oni was addressed as former Governor.

It was this same Fayose that restored Oga Segun Oni’s dignity and benefits as a former Governor.

When Gov Fayose was to return to the PDP, I still remember him coming to Oni’s Ifaki Ekiti residence and on one of such visits, Fayose personally served himself food from Oni’s kitchen.

I guess when Fayose was entering Oga Segun Oni’s kitchen then, he was not a thief.

Also, in 2009 during the rerun governorship election between Oni and Fayemi, APC leaders (then Action Congress), including Fayemi placed newspaper adverts eulogising Fayose on his birthday. 

Fayose was called A LEADER and FRIEND of the masses then.

If today, the same Fayemi who was always going to Fayose’s Afao Ekiti country home now sees Fayose as something else, how can any sane mind take him (Fayemi) seriously?

If today, the same Oga Segun Oni that called Fayemi a thief that should rot in JAIL is now Fayemi’s ally, should sane minds accord any respect to whatever he says against Fayose or any other person?

Oga Segun Oni no longer sees anything wrong in the stealing of N852.9m SUBEB money by Fayemi.

Oga Segun Oni does not see anything wrong in the billions of naira stolen through Fayemi’s unexecuted Flowers Project.

He no longer sees anything wrong in the turning of Oodua Textile, Ado Ekiti to LOCKUP SHOPS. 

It is no longer his business where the machines in OODUA TEXTILE were taken to by Fayemi and his men.

Oga Segun Oni is now in support of Fayemi’s scrapping of USTI, a fledging university he cited in his hometown, Ifaki Ekiti.

To Oga Segun Oni, the commissioning of uncompleted Oba Adejugbe General Hospital, Ado Ekiti and the State Pavilion no longer make any meaning.

Most importantly, it is no longer wrong that Oga Segun Oni was manipulated out of office through the SALAMIC judgment and one wonders what he will do to those curses he rained on Justice Isa Salami when we were pursuing the National Judicial Council (NJC) and the Supreme Court matters.

Lastly, the pains we, his supporters went through in hands of Fayemi and his men like Deji Adesokan (Jaruu) are no longer important.

I won’t be surprised that Oga Segun Oni will one day call someone like Chief Dipo Anisulowo, who spent millions of naira (his hard earned money) on his election legal matters, a thief simply because he is now Fayose’s Chief of Staff.

As for me, Oga Segun Oni is now speaking like typical APC members who will praise you when you are with them and abuse you the moment you leave their political fold.

Lere Olayinka


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