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Senate alone cannot impeach Buhari – Senate Leader

The Leader of the Senate, Senator Ali Ndume. On Monday said that Senate alone lacks power to move to impeachment President Muhammadu Buhari

saying the issue is National Assembly matter and very tedious process.

Ndume spoke against the alleged impeachment plot which was raised at the closed door session of the senate All Progressive Congress (APC) senators have the numbers in the senate to prevent any impeachment move against Mr. President.

He added that Mr. President has not committed any impeachable offence that will warrant the lawmakers to move against him.

He said,”impeachment process is a National Assembly matter not Senate. Senate cannot impeach the President, It is the National Assembly that can impeach the president. The Senate cannot impeach the president, it is the National Assembly and it is by 2/3.

” It is by the clearly stating impeachable offences served on the person then if he fails to respond. It is a process, is a long tedious process and in this country we don’t even need that we are not even contemplating on it and even if anybody contemplates on it it is not going to work because this is APC senate; we have the majority, we have 58 to 60 senators and you need 72 senators to start off impeachment process. Where are they going to get the 24? Let me tell you as some of them are coming into PDP, so many of them their other leg is already with us.

“Many of the senators will come over to the APC. That issue of impeachment we don’t need it. We don’t have ea president that has issues of corruption, integrity, mismanagement. We have a President that is straight forward and he doesn’t have any mismanagement, abuse of due process.”

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