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Senate moves against social media, as Buhari set to gag the press

Senate has passed into second reading a bill seeking two years imprisonment with an option of N2million fine for Nigerians who post “abusive statements” on the social media.

In a similar development, an online media outfit, TheSouthernGong has cried wolf over what it termed “APC Second Attempt at Foolishness, Buhari Set to Gag the Press”.

In the article, the publisher lamented that President Muhammadu Buhari is using the Senate to gag the social media and recounted the consequences, while more contentious issues like bombs, fuel scarcity, killings, etc., abounds.

Below is the attached article:


APC Second Attempt at Foolishness, Buhari Set to Gag the Press

The most traveled President in the world, even when Bodies littered his street and bombs are falling left, right, center and all around , he still finds time to enjoy a Presidential Plane and Presidential travel .

He is navigating from Nations that welcome him to those that will not even send common Commissioner to welcome the President of the World most populous Nation.

The same President that his party used all the terrors of ORAL DIARRHEA to oppress the Former President , even the President himself used so many unguarded utterances that nobody thought will come out from a politician , but all were unleashed on GEJ and he did not blink an eyelid , but today , since junketing the Globe has become the call to duty.

Since the Presidential petroleum Minister has discovered that Campaign mudslinging is different ball game when it comes to execution , he suddenly ask the senate to promulgate a law banning social media commentary and the Clowns in the senate who witness the APC Social Media outrage against GEJ are discussing it .

That makes me to wonder: what kind of people do we have in the senate if they can allow themselves to be used and set up a dictatorship?

They should know that most times when we act out of stupidity like we did in arresting Nnamdi Kanu and end up making him a legend, same way if they wants to muscle up social media they should ask China that banned Goggle, Facebook , Twitter ,what they ended up gaining?

They made the people to be move involved and exposed into it .

The hard truth is that they will end up making social media more organised and radicalized.

What the nation need now is not ban this and ban that or probe this or probe that ,we can a secured nation , improved power supply , availability of petroleum products , availability of foreign currencies for international transactions , improved road networks , then nobody cares if our president visits Nigeria once in 6 months and with that ,  I am off as one of the 5 percenters .

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