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Senate moves to regulate inflow of aids to NGOs in Nigeria

Senate on Wednesday mandated its committees on National Planning, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Diaspora to come up with a legal framework to regulate the inflow of aids into the country.

Senate decision was as result of motion sponsored by Senator Yahaya Oloriegbe entitled: “The need to make development aids more effective to work for Nigerians.”

Leading debate on the motion, Senator Oloriegbe called on the Senate to be aware that Nigeria as a developing country receives aids from bilateral developed countries and multilateral organizations.

He said that aids provisions to Nigeria are majorly in the social sectors such as health, education and water.

He urged the Senate to note that Nigeria is not an aid dependent country “as the donor support to the country is about 5% of the National Budget. However, in real monetary terms, this is a large amount.”

In his remark, President of the Senate, Senator Ahmad Lawan, thanked his colleagues for their incisive interventions and described the issue of aids as an important item that would be part of the legislative agenda of the 9th Senate.

Lawan said: “Let me say that this is one of those very important items to form our legislative agenda because aids to Nigeria particularly should not be treated like it is treated elsewhere in other countries that are less than Nigeria.

“We must be able to know exactly what the aids are coming for, and then streamline them with our national developmental objectives.

“So, the Chairman Diaspora and NGOs, you have the task of engaging the National Planning Commission together of course, with the Chairman of the Committee on National Planning to ensure that we know what the processes and procedures are and the regulations and guidelines.

“If we are not satisfied, then we have to come up with the legal framework that will ensure that if there is any aids to us as a country, our people benefit from the aids.”

Senate equally lamented that 60 per cent of foreign aids are usually lost to transaction costs, wastage and capital flight back to the donor countries through the implementing contractors.

The Senate also directed the National Planning Commission to develop a policy framework that would create mechanisms for development cooperation and aid effectiveness in Nigeria.

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