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Senate’s call for the sack of SGF, a vindictive mission – MSSD


The call for the sack of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation [SGF], Lawal Babachir by the Senate has been described as a hate campaign and spiteful move. 

A group under the auspices of Movement for the Support of Sustainable Democracy, (MSSD) has come out to frown at the haste at which the Senate took their action. 

At a press briefing held in Abuja, on Sunday the group said it seems like a puzzle the way and manner the Senate used only an interim report to accuse the SGF even there has not been any fair hearing given to defend himself which is the normal procedure. 

According to the group National President, Comrade Abdul Musa, he said; “we are that the Senate are on vendetta and vindictive mission against the SGF, especially with his stand of constituency projects. 

It is surprising to us that just within a month of going through some documents, they Senate came out to indict and call for the removal of an individual without allowing him to give his own side of the story.”

“What ethical and permissible stand does the Shehu Sani led Committee has to decide an out and out firing and even with succeeding trial of a principal officer even when he has not been given the time to defend himself as a person. 

“We see this as not insensitive but also illogicality to what the National Assembly in which the Senate which is a part of it stands for.

“As a Movement which believes in the sustenance of Nigeria’s democracy, we are at loss as to why the Senate came to such a hasty decision. 

“Does this confirm our fears that the red chamber is after the President for not interfering in all party and all connected corruption issues even when it does not favour some persons especially in the Senate?”

 “We are of the No one can caste credible aspersions on the fight on corruption, especially not those whose paths are tainted with alleged crimes against our nation.

“The war on corruption will not succumb to blackmail. It’s a war Nigerians elected President Buhari to wage and Nigerians will win,”  the group said.

“As it is just the latest attack by the Senate is seen as the result of President Muhammadu Buhari not wanting to stand against corruption cases of party members which also may have led to the refusal of the Senate to reject the confirmation of the EFCC boss, Ibrahim Magu.

We pose these questions to both Saraki and Dogara:

“They have been accused of corruption, have they resigned?

“Which moral standing do they have to call for the resignation of the SGF, even when he was not given the chance to defend himself.

According to the group, they said they feel this is the right time for all Nigerians to stand up and support Mr. President’s anti-corruption fight, as with the action of the Senate it looks like corruption is fighting back.

By Israel Ekene


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