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Senate Seeks End To Gas Flaring

Senate on Thursday pushed harder to end “gas flaring” in the country after a bill for an Act seeking to prohibit the activity scaled second reading.

The bill which was sponsored by Senator Albert Bassey is seeking to establish a timeline for the Minister of Petroleum to review the issue of gas flaring.

In his lead debate, Bassey said the bill had become important with Nigeria losing over N217 billion annually as a result of gas flaring.

In her contribution, Senator Betty Apiafi said Nigeria should have a specific date when gas flaring will be completely eradicated.

“This is something the oil companies are not willing to stop. We should stop gas flaring and I think we should have a date when gas flaring will stop”, she said.

Senator Sandy Onu said “the importance of this bill speaks for itself” and wondered why Nigeria still allow oil companies in the Niger Delta.

His colleague, Senator Ibikunle Amosu also backed the bill; but worried more about the health and environmental hazard to the people in the oil producing regions.

The bill was referred to the Senate Committee on Gas to revert back in 4 weeks.

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