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Senate condemns Ike Ekweremadu’s house arrest

My house was also besieged - Saraki


Nigeria’s Senate president Bukola Saraki frowned upon the invasion of his deputy.

Elombah News has reported that security agents laid siege at the home of Ike Ekweremadu’s house this morning.

Saraki made the following observations during the red chambers plenary on Tuesday:

“As you know the seat of the DSP, Ike Ekweremadu is absent. He cannot get out of his house. He is being held under siege.”

“This morning I could not also leave my street as well because some people believed today’s seating must not hold because some members want to move or defect.”

“This is not something that started today. It will not end today. People have gone and come back, but these types of actions do not allow for such.”

“As we are speaking, our DSP cannot leave the house. We must save this democracy. People have free association. They can even move tomorrow. I am sitting here and 16 members have decamped or defected to one party to another and there has been no siege.”

”I don’t believe that this should come to this level where people would be laid under siege for something that is personal to them.”- Senate President, @bukolasaraki


“Let me just contribute to this issue of the Deputy Senate President because I spoke to him this morning too when I found that my house, as early as 6:30am was under seige as well.”
“The road leading to my house was blocked and all cars going in and out were being stopped. My convoy was also stopped, then the Deputy Senate President called and said he could not come here.”- Senate President, @bukolasaraki

“As you are all aware, very late yesterday, as early as 8pm, I received a letter asking me to report to the Police on the case of the Offa robbery, it had been concluded before now.”-
“So we had a situation where the Deputy Senate President could not come here and i was already going to report to the Police, so plenary would not have been able to hold today, for that reason, I had to come here to hold place.”
”As you all rightly said, if one of our colleagues could not come out for no fault of his, I also do not see how we can sit here and continue to ignore the fact that one of us, a presiding officer, cannot be here.”-
“If it had been according to plan, I also would not be here and the Senate would not have been able to sit today by the plans as of this morning.”
“It was just by the intervention of the Almighty God that I managed to get myself here, otherwise, we would not have been able to sit.”
”We will have to take decisions on these prayers and decide how we are going to deal with these issues which were actually meant to prevent us from sitting, if the presiding officers were not going to be available.”- Senate President

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