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Senator Shehu Sani: We Expect More Of You Than Fighting El-Rufai


I wish to remind you, our dear Senator, that we have strong hopes on you. We have not lost confidence in you. We still believe that your innate abilities, if used devoid of any political rancour between you and El-Rufai, will see to a better Kaduna state and a better Nigeria. You are such a redefined politician that every one admires. 

I was very much surprised that it is you today fighting the political camp of your elder brother, El-Rufai, despite your penchant for internal crises. 

Your past records in resolving crisis and conflicts that have international extension like Boko Haram is enough requirement for me to expect you fight the venom of insecurity in Kaduna state, but you chose to leave a hefty responsibility on El-Rufai, hoping and expecting him to fail at the end so that his failure will be an additive advantage to your political camp. This is unbecoming of a Civil Right activist of your own authority. 

Hundreds of thousands of people in Birnin Gwari, one of your strongholds, are not sleeping peacefully. Their businesses are crippled, their means of livelihood shattered, their lives threatened, and yet you expect only our dear Governor to fight the scourge alone, affirming that El-Rufai is the chief security officer of the state.

I tell you now that, the masses in Kaduna state felt your impacts in defense of their rights long before El-Rufai came to limelight. Why must you now relapse on your ideals? The ideals of defending the defenseless with your blood? Why are you mute, despite your serious contributions of national importance at the Senate, towards Birnin Gwari Insecurity? Just because El-Rufai is on the helm of affairs and you want him to fail?

I still remember your fearless intervention towards resolving Boko Haram insurgency thereby taken the lead to meet the faceless predators. Why is Birnin Gwari insecurity issue given you a serious headache to approach?

Haba Mai Gashi! Don’t you think that your continued silence on Birnin Gwari insecurity does more harm to your 2019 political ambition than damaging the image of El-Rufai? The people in Birnin Gwari are in palpable fear and you are aware about it, as I am writing this piece, there were series of Armed Robbery along Kaduna-Birnin Gwari road last week  that saw to some deaths and injuries. The poor and defenseless people of Birnin Gwari, one of the five local government areas that affectionately voted you into the Nigerian Senate expect you to do more than what you have done in respect to security. Reestablish your link with this locality and help us at the Senate. Stand ferociously  at the floor of National Assembly and speak repeatedly until a tangible security measure is provided by the government to tackle the incessant cases of broad light armed robbery, cattle rustling, abduction and other criminal activities in your Senatorial Zone.

Let us feel your impacts as our Senator and let us not remember nostalgically your Civil Right Defence days. We would prefer you as Civil Right activist even on the floor of the National Assembly than El-Rufai’s fighter back home.  

Let us see the real  Comrade Shehu Sani who was inspired by Femi Falana and  Beko Ransome Kuti in the activism fighting our course. Your people of Birnin Gwari are being threatened by insecurity. We needed you to stand up at the floor of the National Assembly and direct the government to deploy security outfits permanently to Birnin Gwari until the scourge is completely defeated. We really need you. You can best do this through a synergistic effort with your elder brother, governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai. 

I know Senator Shehu Sani as a peace-loving advocate, someone who shuns violence and injustice in whatever form it manifests, probably the major reason why he faced past military regimes head on and was incarcerated several times for that. 

Senator Shehu Sani is “renowned for providing human rights campaigns, support to the poor and the disadvantaged and in the process had clashed with security agents and other state power-wielders”. Thus, if we must go by this affirmation, we therefore expect Senator Shehu Sani to as a matter of urgency embark on peace and conflict resolution journey with his elder brother, governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai. Remember your role in 2000 during the religious crisis in Kaduna as the only activist who publicly and fearlessly condemned the massacre. Someone who did that in past as a defenseless Human Right Activist, can do far more than this as a Senator in Nigeria. Senator Shehu Sani was reported to have entered war zones devoid of fear just because he values the lives of people more than his, but today his people who voted him into power are crying and begging him to do something that will be their succour. Senator Shehu Sani, please do not ignore the people of Birnin Gwari, they still love you beyond your conception and they believed that together with your elder brother, Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, you can leave an indelible political landmarks in Kaduna state.

Senator Shehu Sani has organized campaigns against Iraq invasion of the state of Kuwait when he was still a Comrade, now that he is a Senator, we call on him to organize a strident campaign against Highway Armed Robbers that invaded his Senatorial Zone, especially the worst hit among them, i.e Birnin Gwari. 

We can recall with nostalgia Senator Shehu Sani’s campaign against the Israeli war on Gaza in 2005   and  against the removal of petroleum subsidy. His major emphasis was peace. I believe that the Senator can now make peace with his governor in the interest of the masses he protects.

Isah Muhammad writes from Birnin Gwari.

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