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Senator Ubah’s workers demanding salary payment attacked by hoodlums



November 7th will forever remain a horrible day in the lives of workers of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Ltd who convened at Sanya Truck Pack in Lagos to deliberate on their unpaid four years salaries and unremitted pension of over 10 years by Senator Ifeanyi Ubah.

Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is the owner of Capital Oil and Gas Industries Ltd. The workers of Capital oil and gas who could not longer endure the unpaid accumulated salaries called for a meeting to deliberate the way forward on how to press the management to address their demands.

Investigation by ElombahNews shows that while these workers congregated in in the above venue to deliberate on the matter affecting the welfare of the workers but few minutes into the meeting, a man known to some of the workers led armed thugs to disrupt it and attacked workers, leading to serious injuries.

One of the victims who escaped the lethal onslaught by the thugs, Mr Akujobi Ozoemena Barnaby, had written a petition to the Lagos Zone 2 of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) to complain about the attack, the police is yet to take action.

Moreover, two officials of the Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights (CDWR), Comrade Chinedu Bosah and Comrade Rufus Olusesan, who were part of the meeting were brutally decimated by the thugs.

Mr Uzoma Njoku and other workers who were severely attacked by these armed thugs sustained different degrees of injuries and are presently undergoing treatment in the hospital.

The thugs who descended ruthlessly on the workers stole phones and other belongings of the workers and even went further to confiscate their vital documents.

Even as some of the workers rushed to Festac Police Station to lodge complaint during the attack, the policemen on duty refused to intervene. It took the intervention of some military men attached to OP MESA to rescue the workers who were kidnapped and were tortured for over one hour by these hoodlums.

Some of the workers alleged that Ifeanyi Ubah and the management stopped paying salaries in 2016 and before then, salaries were paid in a poor manner, leaving a backlog at every point in time.

A source said, “He does not pay by payslip, he transfers money into workers’ bank accounts without itemising the breakdown of the salary/allowance components.

“The company has refused to document workers’ employment contract and refused to issue employment letters to most of the workers in violation of Section 7 of the Labour Act and stopped workers from joining the union”.

According to other sources, the workers had earlier approached Senator Ifeanyi Ubah to enter into a negotiation. He did not respond but only offered workers six months salaries.

Another credible source who spoke with ElombahNews but doesn’t want his name to be mentioned because of victimization said Capital Oil and Gas Industries workers are not the only people Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is owing salaries.

Senator Ubah is also owing Ifeanyi Ubah FC footballers, coaches, domestic workers, cleaners in his home, gate man and drivers. All of them are dying of hunger.

However, the Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights (CDWR) is demanding that Senator Ifeanyi Ubah should pay workers their four years salaries and over 10 years pension.

CDWR also called on the Nigerian Police Force to investigate the attack on workers by thugs and bring the perpetrators to book.

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