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Serio-comic: Buharinitis, a deadly disease, epidemic

Buharinitis, a deadly disease epidemic - By Ade Abiodun

If you didn’t know before now Buharinitis is a newly discovered disease observed only among Nigerians. It’s a disease that affects the brain of the victim and partially suspends the memory and logic centre of the brain. 

Periodic episodes are triggered by words like “Buhari”, “Jonathan”, “Iweala”, “corruption”, “anti-corruption”, etc.

The episodes can make a person think that West Germany is still on the map or that USA means United States of Nigeria, some victims have been reported to lose their sense of calculation like 100= 97 + 5, 16 + 6 =24 etc.

Victims of this disease have been known to reason beyond the boundaries of reason and to believe fantastically “fantabulous ” things like somebody stole 30 billion dollars, looters have returned 3 trillion naira, petrol will soon sell for 40 naira, one dollar will soon equal one naira etc. etc. etc.

Back to the latest manifestation of this disease…

Yesterday, Nigerians woke up to a rude shock on the Internet to discover that the cost-cutting president of the republic had given an instruction to the Central Bank of Nigeria to sell US dollars to Nigerians going on Islamic pilgrimage for 197 naira, approximately 50 percent of its market value while manufacturers, students and importers do not enjoy such subsidy. 

The whole cyberspace was awash with protests and condemnation except by a few Nigerians afflicted by Buharinitis and what was their response? 

It was that Sebi Christian pilgrims also enjoyed some level of dollar subsidy late last year? Se oro niyen? 

That one na talk? The fact that Christians also enjoyed the same treatment does it make it right? I fear for you guys o.

So here is my poser

Early this year the Nigerian Army went to Zaria and killed over 300 Shiite Muslims claiming that their procession blocked the route of the Chief of Army Staff bla-bla-bla. 

Now peradventure the Chief of Army staff had to drive to Lagos yesterday and was held down by traffic at the redemption camp for hours and his boys come down and start shooting the worshippers. 

Would you then say that the killing of Christians does not matter since some Muslims too were killed earlier in the year? 

Something is doing you!

Buharinitis, a deadly disease epidemic - By Ade Abiodun

By Ade Abiodun


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