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Setting Targets For Govt Revenue Agencies ~ By Odilim Enwegbara


What this government is starting now it should have started in 2015.

It should have stopped government revenue generating agencies from continuing to be committing the financial murder which they have done and gotten away with since the so-called Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2007 technically allowed them to remit only what’s leftover after deducting the cost of generating revenue to the extent that these agencies have been stretching their cost of generating revenues to close to 100% of the very revenue they generate.

That has since been taken care of since the implementation of TSA.

Setting revenue targets for revenue agencies in Nigeria is long overdue. If all over the world, revenue generating agencies have targets set for them, there’s nothing wrong with government here setting a revenue target for the revenue collecting agencies here too.

As it is also common the world over, isn’t it time government made it clear to these agencies that no government agencies should get away with spending outside appropriation?

This stringent approach is what obtains all over the world, where revenue collecting agencies first send in their revenues to the treasury (in our case TSA) and then could later approach the budget office for any unforeseen expenditures as result of their revenue generation.

It is the fiscal appropriation authorities ( lawmakers) that have all expenditures approval authorities so that the executive does not engage in fiscal malpractices.

The evil that men do

Do I need to repeat it once again? Do I need to repeat it that those who perpetuate injustice will constantly be visited by injustice?

Their vagabonding children will constantly be a source of reminder of their injustices as they are a source of agony and disgrace to them.

Tell me that is not what is happening in Nigeria?

Those who plunder the resources of others have always been severely punished. And Nigeria will not be an exception.

The Egyptian Empire fell due to the gross injustice perpetuated by the Pharaoh.

The most powerful empire that terrorized the world for centuries, otherwise known as the Roman Empire, had to collapse also due to the iniquities perpetuated by the emperor after emperor.

When those running the British Empire were plundering the resources of the nations of the world did they ever image that one day one their colonial outreach could cause their collapse as well as to go to the extent of taking it as its virtual satellite state?

Today, the British are a living example of how gross injustices perpetuated through crude imperial might brought to the rest of the world could evaporate.

We are today living in such an unjust society called Nigeria, where a small group has taken it upon themselves to lord it over the rest of us and do so believing that they too cannot one day end up in the history books.

Odilim Enwegbara

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