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Seven Incontrovertible Reasons It Must Not Be Buhari

  1. No sane man/woman will hand his/her company or family over to a man/woman who does not remember his Company or family name. Showing the state of the President’s mind, Buhari has variously called his Party the APC different names at different fora.

The latest in the litany of faux pas is calling the All Progressive Congress APC, National Progressive Congress at the Minna rally. Tell me how this mind can effectively run a nation of 200 million people? Who will embark on a very important journey with an absent minded and forgetful driver at the steering? Sadly, such is the NEXT LEVEL the APC offers.

  1. No Patriot, Statesman or well-meaning citizen will vote a Candidate who forgets the office he/she is running for. In Warri, Delta State, President Buhari presented a Flag to Ogboru as the Presidential candidate of the APC, until he was corrected twice, he appeared not to know what Chief Ogboru who was with him on the podium was running for.

And some soulless partisans want to hand Nigeria over to an apparently forgetful mind. Some shameless partisans defend the indefensible, and excuse for the President of a nation, mistakes for which they would scold their kids or siblings. How sad.

  1. No lover of his/her Country will hand over the country to a man who is not in-charge. Indeed calling for a NEXT LEVEL of proxy-leadership or Presidency-by-Proxy in the 21st century is totally unreasonable and treasonable.

In this case President Buhari’s wife, the First Lady Aisha Buhari in one of the rare moments of truth around them, said that Buhari is not in-charge, but a cabal of two or three persons. Who will hand over his/her Country to a faceless cabal? God forbid.

  1. No believer in truth and in God will vote for a man who continuously divides his Country on regional and religious lines. Not only has Buhari shown that he is an ethnic cum regional bigot through his appointment protocols, he has himself presented by way of horrible arithmetic his 97 and 5% divisive mindset.

Even the deepest Buharideen and Hailer knows that this President is slave to cronyism, nepotism and despotism. Their incorrigible support for his NEXT LEVEL is thus selfish, self-serving and absolutely unpatriotic.  We cannot hand a second term to a divisive Buhari. NIGERIA as a nation cannot afford another 4years of this shenanigans. God forbid.

  1. No responsible man or woman will hand over his business or life to a man who is ‘never aware’.
  • On Maina’s backdoor reinstatement into the Federal Service he was not aware.
  • On the former IG of Police not obeying ‘his orders’, he was not aware, and could not take disciplinary actions.
  • On the massive slaughter of fellow Nigerians by Boko Haram, and his boys the Miyetti Allah he is not aware.
  • On the level of poverty in the land, he is not aware.

And, Countrymen and women we must tell the conscienceless people supporting this omen that through our Votes this affliction will not happen a second time. So Mote It Be.

  1. No intellectual who understands the meaning of integrity, and who knows that the disobedience of Court Order, and the breach of due process are the worst form of corruption will side with, support or vote for the most corrupt government in our nation’s history.

The Buhari Presidency epitomizes the worst shade of corruption in the annals of this Country, as it condones and supports corruption whilst masquerading as an anti-corruption paladin.

But we are not deceived, at least we see the ‘Saints’ around and with him, and we know that with such ‘Saints’ as Tinubu, Akpabio, Ganduje, Oshiomole, Muazu, Abba Kyari, Babachir Lawal, Orji Kalu, Mamman Daura, Isa Funtua et al sinners abound and corruption holds sway. So, we are not surprised that corruption drives the vehicle called the Buhari Presidency.

  1. Only HYPOCRITES, Pharisees and those who refuse to think buy into the blame games and accusations of corruption that the Buhari Presidency throws at Atiku Abubakar and Obasanjo, since for power, just four years ago ‘Saint Buhari and his deens’ were full of praises for, and loyal to Atiku and Obasanjo, only to remember how much of looters they are, because along with the discerning they have elected to SEND BUHARI BACK TO DAURA.

Indeed the desperation of the APC and President Buhari to foist a NEXT LEVEL of Poverty, of unemployment, of job loss, of hopelessness, of deceit, of insecurity and of perfidious propaganda will fail. YES IT WILL.

Compatriots, we must organize and mobilize  to GET NIGERIA WORKING AGAIN. With your PVC, PLEASE VOTE COMPETENCY. And with your PVC, PLEASE VOTE CAPACITY. Come February 16th, 2019 it has to be Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, and not the collosal failure called President Mohammadu Buhari.


Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia JNR

Director of Communication/Spokesperson


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