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Sex scandal: Confirm veracity of allegation against Reps group

Being a second press release/communiqué issued at the end of the general meeting of Voice of the Masses (Muryar Talaka) Gamawa Chapter about the lawmakers sex allegation, held at Central Primary School Gamawa, on Monday, 11th July 2016 at about 4:00pm to 6:30pm


Muryar Talaka is an international and registered organisation of the general masses and vibrant Nigerians whose total desire is to ensure good governance and responsible citizenship, create awareness and public enlightenment, help and assist the downtrodden and encourage self-reliance among Youths. 

Nonetheless, building Nigeria where there is equal opportunities, a dynamic economy that is not neo-elites but serves the all, where the freedom of expression is guaranteed are all the objectives of Muryar Talaka.


The primary purpose of the meeting was to send words and appraise the members and people of Gamawa constituency about the consequences of the last resolutions agreed in the previous meeting and to decide the next actions and recommendations.


Among those who attended the meeting were, the representative of the Bauchi State Youth Advocates for Good Governance, Arewa Youth Ambassadors, Students’ Unions, Youth Organisations, Community Based Organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, Other General Members of the Association and many among others.


The meeting commences at about 4pm. Malam Sanusi Umar recited an opening prayer. The meeting lasted for about 2 hours, 30mins.

The meeting was chaired by the chairman of the association Comrade Kassim Abubakar Gamawa. 

The chairman briefed the meeting by reviewing what happened during the previous meeting and further explained the consequences of the resolutions recommended in the last meeting. 

After much deliberations and suggestions in the last meeting the meeting came out with the following resolutions:-

1- The suspect/member must come to his constituency On 25th June, 2016 to defend himself against the allegation.

2- The member must come by himself and any representative of the suspect will not be tolerated.

3- Failure to respect and or answer the Association’s invitation and demand, otherwise legal action will be taken against him.

Unfortunately, the chairman lamented to the meeting that the member fails to honour the invitation by making a mere unnecessary clumsy excuses of a security threat.

He went further briefing the meeting that after the release of the previous meeting the officials of the association faces a lot of face-off confrontations and intimidation by some unpatriotic citizens that are greedily loyal to the member in question, that they should give-up and relent on the effort of charging the member’s attempted sex allegations.

After these series of confrontations, intimidation and unnecessary excuses the member promised to come whereby eventually he failed to come. 

And yet the honourable member has not come to honour the invitation to fulfil the promise taken.


When the chairman reached to the halting point of his speech, the reacted grievously about the member’s negligence attitude of this appointing the promises made and by dishonouring the invitation send to him.

However, many members suggested their recommendations and opinions in the meeting. Among them were:

• Darass Muhammad Juji a member of the association who expressed his disappointment and grief about the humiliating allegations that our honourable member happens to be involved, which causes humiliation to the people of his constituency. 

And eventually suggested that further excuses should not be tolerated.

• Another member, Mukhtar Muhammad MK has further recommended that the constituency should not wait for any further probed evidence as the offence has already been exposed and scattered by the reliable sources.

• Ibrahim Muhammad Doji expressed his concern about the non-performance and negligence attitudes of the honourable. 

As he passes a vote of no confidence on the member in question, he inconsolably lamented that since the day he assumes office, he has never done something tangible to his constituency. 

He neither comes frequently nor does he contributed towards development of his constituency.

It’s very irritating, disappointing and very unfortunate for the people of Gamawa to be respected by such a person who lacks concern and mutual relationship with the people of his constituency. 

He eventually called upon the members to be brave and relentlessly unintimidated on their efforts as the agents of truth and justice. 

People should not be afraid of any intimidation and threats as human efforts no matter how forceful can never change the hand of destiny.

• A member by name Sanusi Umar call upon the members and the general public to be wise and bold and brave on anything they think are right they shouldn’t surrender and become vulnerable to injustice. And so also people should use social media wisely as their weapon of fighting against injustice.

• Another member, Yakubu Arabbi highlighted the meeting that Muryar Talaka comprises different calibre of people, irrespective of ages and gender. Therefore, everybody is involved in this movement.

• Umar Muhd Sani is a member who advised the meeting to send another meeting reminder to the member knowingly that two invitations were sent to him respectively.

• Another member, Comrade Muhammad Salees Gamawa (former National President, National Union of Bauchi State Students NUBASS) lamented that based on what he experiences and observes his constituency is retrogressing. 

Youths had taken the dominant percentage of all the progressive town activities. 

They dedicate and devote themselves in various tasks just to make their community and constituency developed and progressed.

But unfortunately, to his greatest dismay the other generations and calibre fails to assist and contribute toward the progress of the Local Government at large.  

He also went on explaining that it’s neither a privilege nor a freedom for the member to mislead and misrepresent his people by forgetting his constituency and went on committing some silly offences like the one being allegedly committed. 

He eventually posed a challenge to the general people of Gamawa Local Government by neglecting the public properties, which causes to the falling standard of education and lack of health facilities. 

And further added that it’s not only the allegedly controversial offence committed but his leadership style and structure has to be changed and questioned. 

And he cited example with his leadership when was the NUBASS National President, he totally devoted and dedicated himself to the services of humanity.

• Another member who contributed was Comrade Daud Tata who encouraged and motivated the meeting to be objective, fair and relentless in their efforts.


After much deliberations and suggestions, the meeting came out with the following resolutions:-

1. The association passes vote of no-confidence to the member in question.

2. The association is still adamant and relentless on its efforts of tasting the veracity of the allegations.

3. The association is calling upon the committee that are responsible to test the veracity of the allegations to be objective, fair and uncompromised.

They are also urged to release the outcome of the report as quick as possible.


The chairman of the association in his closing remarks has reaffirmed that, the association is non-partisan, neither sponsored by anybody nor does it working against or in support of the suspect. 

But rather it concern is to taste and confirm the actual veracity of the allegation filed against it representative.


The motion for the adjournment was moved by the member of the Association and seconded by the Chairman.

Aluta Continua!


Comrade Kassim Abubakar Gamawa

(Chairman, Muryar Talaka, Gamawa LGA Chapter). 08027674655, 07068854446. kassimabubakar111@yahoo.com



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