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Shame of a Nation! – By Emeka Egoigwe


I heard Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the current misinformation minister, told Nigerians that the present fuel scarcity in the country is a way of Nigerians paying for the sins of Jonathan’s administration.

Initially, I waved it away as the ranting of a chronic liar, but on a second thought, I realised some full grown adults are still swallowing what this man is dishing out.

It made me sad to realise that 7months down the lane of what is to be a reinvigorated Nigeria, we are still being fed with the same nonsense that brought these mediocrities to power in the first place without any semblance of moves aimed at taming these much talked about rot in the system.

I am sad to announce that we have the worst sets of incompetent Nigerians on the saddle of leadership today. Starting from Mr President down to his last appointees amongst which Lai Mohammed belongs. They all seem to be experts in no other fields than blame games.

Buhari is brainless, blame Jonathan; Lai Mohammed is a moron, blame Jonathan; Fashola is a silent thief who happened to be over-hyped as a performer, blame Jonathan; Even the VP, Osinbajo, is a mediocrity who has been sidelined by the illiterates in charge today, Blame Jonathan.

You people should have some shame biko.

Obviously, Jonathan left a shoe too big for the illiterate Buhari and his mediocre team of ethnocrats to fill. That’s just the only explanation to all this madness at the centre. 

If after 7 months, the only achievements these sets of rejects can lay claim to is who blamed Jonathan most and loudest, then we are in for a world of hurts.

We are paying for the sins of Jonathan’s administration?, yet, under Jonathan, there was no single episode of fuel scarcity unless you are counting the one induced by the APC dominated cabals at the twilight of his tenure after the vultures holding sway today turned the country upside down just to get him out of the way?

Under Jonathan, Nigerians were healthy, wealthy and contented, but today, we are shells of our former selves due to the inactions and chronic confusional state of our brain dead president and his team of mediocre appointees.

Shame on these agents of darkness hovering over the corridors of power in Nigeria today, but above all, more shame to these brainwashed Nigerian adults still buying into their craps 7months after they have proven to us beyond every reasonable doubt that their mediocrity has no cure.

Shame! Shame!! Shame!!!

Emeka Egoigwe

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