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Shi’ites Alleges Plot To Shoot Them During Procession, As Court Frees 9 Members In Detention


The Kaduna State High Court has ordered the release of at least nine members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria [IMN], also known as Shi’ites, who were arrested following the proscription order issued by the Kaduna State Government in 2016.

IMN disclosed this in a press statement signed by the President, Media Forum, of the Movement, Ibrahim Musa and made available to newsmen in Kaduna on Wednesday.

The nine Shi’ites members, including two women, were arrested in 2016 while on their way to attend the Islamic religious rite of Ashura mourning in Kaduna and have been in detention since then.

Justice Shiri Nyom in his judgement discharged and acquitted the sect members of the charges levelled against them.

According to the IMN statement, Justice Nyoms said the prosecution didn’t prove any of the charges against any of those standing trial.

The group noted that the judgement added to the number of cases in which the government had failed to convict any of its members for any crime in various courts across the country.

According to IMN, since the persecution of the members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria led by Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky commenced, the High Courts in Kaduna and Sokoto States, as well as the Court of Appeal have discharged and acquitted 309 members of the Islamic Movement and dismissed the frivolous charges brought against them.

“Exactly a week ago, the Kaduna State High Court presided by Justice Nyoms discharged and acquitted nine members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria arrested precisely three years ago while on their way to attend the Islamic religious rite of Ashura mourning in Kaduna.

“All the nine, including two women, stood trial in the Kaduna State High Court since September 2016. They were accused of being members of the Islamic Movement, unlawful assembly and intent to disturb the public among others.

“On 2nd July of 2015 the Sokoto Judicial Division – Court of Appeal – has discharged and acquitted 112 members of the Islamic Movement of any offence.”

Shi’ites alleges plot to shoot members during procession

IMN also alleged that there were plots to kill their members as they prepare to observe Arbaeen Symbolic Trek.

Speaking on behalf of the Academic Forum of the Islamic movement, Abdullahi Musa said the plot was to kill anyone who participate in the Trek which is holding on 19th October.

He said “according to a piece of information that has reached us, Buhari-led government had held a meeting with selected traditional rulers and Wahabi/Salafi clerics, planning another mass killing of Sheikh Zakzaky’s followers during the forthcoming Arbaeen Symbolic Trek which will take place on Saturday 19 October, 2019 in Abuja and other parts of the country.

“At the gathering, officials lamented on the emirs’ and clerics’ refusal to back the government in the previous Ashura attacks launched by the Police.

“Thus, the government officials cautioned the participants that in the impending mass killing, any emir or cleric, who shows reluctance towards its Saudi-sponsored massacre, will be deposed.

“The government has proposed two plans to achieve its target. First, to kill anybody who participates in the Trek.

“In the same vein, emirs will mobilise hoodlums to destroy and set ablaze houses, schools, businesses, centres and other belongings of the followers of Sheikh Zakzaky.”

Musa further disclosed of plans by security operatives to mobilise convicted criminals and deploy them to the scene of the Trek to create an avenue for violence.

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