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Shocking to me why Obiano refused to buy Innoson motors


Can a seamstress husband give his cloth to an outsider to fix the button?

Oh, Jesus! Take away ignorance from my state and my country.

Please read this EPIC response why Governor Obiano bought Toyota car instead of Innoson products:

“The reason Gov Obiano purchased Toyota car instead of the local content product of Innoson is because Innoson does not manufacture cars that reads when people are drunk and speed limit”.

Chai, our politician, has death with the gullibility of Nigerians. 

We will continue to educate the masses.

To the best of my knowledge, because I am an auto lover and ardent follower of TopGear, no car detects when someone is drunk. Even in advanced countries of Japan, Germany, UK and the USA, such car does not exist. 

Police officers are trained to spot a drunk driver because of their inability to maintain a straight line when they are following you from the rear. 

As a result of the driver’s inability to keep the tyre steady, they would flag you down and ask you to blow alcohol level gauging instrument that will determine the level the driver consumed. 

The level normally is around 35 micrograms of alcohol for every 100 milliliters of breath.

Also, no vehicle comes with Lidar speed gun; that is an instrument the police uses to measure vehicle speed to see if the target vehicle is exceeding the speed limit.

It is a tool installed in most police cars. It does not come with the car. Same with siren and other security features in most police cars.

Innoson cars can be bought and those features installed and for the police. 

Therefore, I do not see any justification why any Anambra Governor would purchase foreign vehicles for government use when there is a car manufacturing plant in his state. 

If the government do not patronise them, how does the state government expects them to grow, pay tax, employ the citizens and promote the IGR?

This financial profligacy from Governor Obiano is seriously setting Anambra state decades back. 

For the first time in 11 years, the government of Anambra state borrowed money. 

This means that Obiano has squandered Peter Obi’s N75billion plus the state IGR and monthly allocation. 

Now, he has to resort to external borrowing. 

How bad can it get before Anambra state house commences impeachment of incompetent Gov. Obiano?

Even Mbadinuju that is ferociously criticised for non-performance by many did not waste money to ensure security. 

His Bakassi boys remain the most cost-effective approach that maintained top notch security of lives and properties in Anambra State.

J Duke Anago

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