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Shocking Video: Chinese Officials Says 250m Quarantined Over Coronavirus, 1.5m Confirmed, 1200 Dead Cremated Daily

A shocking video has emerged showing a member of the opposition party in China saying that some 250 million people have been quarantined in the country over the deadly Coronavirus, with some 1.5 million cases confirmed.

He also stated that some 1,200 dead bodies are created daily! That he said will ensure that the data of the Coronavirus will remain hidden from the eyes of the watching world.

According to the whistleblower,  Coronavirus has killed tens of thousands of Chinese citizens and the Communist ruling party is covering it.

The video says that several Chinese cities are under lockdown, either officially or unofficially, including Shaghai, Beijing, et al, in addition to, or course, Wuhan which is now a shadow of itself with practically no living thing moving on the streets.

Watch the shocking video below:


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