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Should Electorates Die For Political Parties To Get Vote?

Should the electorate die for any political party to get his or her vote?

What Eyes Does the USA, UK & EU use to observe elections in Nigeria since 2015?

Do They Not See & Hear That Nigerians Will Not Have A Free and Fair Elections in 2019?

Are they Really on the side of the STAKEHOLDERS? And who are the stakeholders to them? You and l the Electorate, or the Political Party and People in power?

The International Community should stop playing diplomatic, trade and oil and gas games with the lives and rights of Nigerians, specifically the ethnic nationalities of the Niger Delta.

Over 95% of the Oil and Gas is resident in the Niger Delta region.

The off shore Oil and Gas is accessed through the Riverine People.

The International Community must listen to what we have to say.

The Electorate is Not the OPPOSITION.

Judging by the elections since 2015, the Electorate should not

  1. Lay his or her Life to cast their vote.
  2. The Electorate of Nigeria especially and particularly all the Ethnic Nationalities of the Niger Delta and specifically of my beloved Rivers State should sit at home on any further elections as only a living Electorate can vote.
  3. It is obvious that no arms of the Security Forces is willing or able to protect the Electorate to excise their legal, democratic. and constitutional rights to choose a man and woman to represent them.
  4. The final choice to vote or not to vote is a 💯% that of the Electorate not of a political party.
  5. The Electorate must exercise their ultimate right to be safe or unsafe.

The Electorate must exercise the ultimate right to die or live.

The Electorate has become an endangered species in the undemocratic democracy in Nigeria.

  1. As an indigene of the Ijaw Ethnic Nationality of Rivers State of the Niger Delta region l call on my brothers and sisters of all the Ethnic Nationalities of the Niger Delta region to consider what is more important to us our future based on Liberty, Equity and Justice on TRUTH or a Political party..

the choice after true and verifiable information is Ours and not that of a political party.


Annkio Briggs

Convener NDSDM


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