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Sickle Cell Association Anambra gets boost from Obaze Oseloka



The former Anambra State SSG, Mr Oseloka Obaze has wiped the long flowing tears of Persons Living with Sickle Cell Disorder [APLSCD] from Anambra North, as he shocked the Sickle Cell Association with a grand donation aimed at augmenting the welfare of sicklers, especially those from that region of the state.

The Managing Director, Selonnes Consult, said he was moved to tears after learning the ordeal his kin pass through due to the mishap of their being victims of the sickle cell disorder, and it was not only kind and benevolent but also worthy of continuation that he extend his long arms of charity to the Association when they called on him.

Speaking to the Press after receiving the donation on behalf of the Association, Aisha Edward, the Coordinator of the Association was short of words of appreciation for the former Governorship aspirant who Celebrated with APLSCD during her 2015 Thanksgiving at Same Austica memorial college. Obaze whom the Association fondly calls the ENGLISH MAN, Surely Possesses a Rare benevolence, Prudent and Humility She likened to no other. She described him as a man who is highly principled, and one that understands the essence of charity, and the need to reach out to people that are less privileged.

She, however, stated that the donation would put bright smiles on the once sordid faces of Sickle cell victims from Anambra North, who for a long time have lived in neglect, as no help has come from their people who are well placed in the society. She narrated that members of the Association from the Anambra North region go through a lot, especially in the area of transporting themselves for meetings and other activities of the Association, and Obaze’s donation would strengthen the already Sagging Morale of those members. The donation, according to Aisha, would go a long way in augmenting the school fees, empowerment packages and Medical bills of persons from that region.

Aisha also hinted, that though the donation may not be enough to defray all the welfare costs of persons from that region, she was however happy that at last someone has shown concern to the plights of these victims of the disorder. She prayed other well placed Nigerians to emulate the selfless gesture of Mr Obaze and extend their hands of Charity to the Association, especially as they prepare for her annual Thanksgiving service and Get a together ceremony.

The Association continues her fair policy of ensuring that donations first reach the region where the benefactor originates from or the region he or she wishes it to reach before spreading across other members, as this would stir other benefactors to see the need of helping their own, as their donations shall be used in fending for those that are closer to them. However, each donation still circulates amongst all members regardless of what region they come from, except that first receivers are usually from the region where the donation originated from as published in aplscd.org the Association Website.

“APLSCD heartily appreciates Oseloka Obaze, and prays for him in all his endeavours. We shall book masses for him as we usually do for all of our benefactors Aisha concluded.


The Association of Persons Living with Sickle Cell Disorder seized the opportunity of her radio program at Unizik FM to extol the worthy virtues of Benefactors, whom they appreciated for their kind efforts in ensuring that the Association fostered stronger during the year. 

The Coordinator of the Association, Aisha Edward, who was live on “Daring Expose” at Unizik FM appreciated and showered lots of Encomiums on Former Anambra State Governor, Mr Peter Obi for his benevolence and kind gestures towards the association. She described Mr Obi as a father that truly understood the essence of the Sensitization and ensured that the Association has a Strong Voice. This voice he gave the Association through the Radio Program he sponsored at Unizik FM has gone a long way in fostering the strength of the campaign across the state especially among the Youths who are prospective Couples and those at the prime age of Courtship. 

In recognizing further contributions to the Association’s success, Aisha confirmed the partnership of Rock Tama Water, Nanka, who defrayed the cost of school fees of some members of the Association from Orumba North LGA, after the management went through the Statement of Account of the Association to see the enormous works she has done thus far. The Management of Rock Tama did not stop at that, as they also donated her products to the Association, promising to always support her in her efforts to purge the sickle cell disorder from Nigeria. 

Further into the program, anchored by Echo, APLSCD Coordinator appreciated Lady Appolonia Chukwuma  for her motherly love and kind words to the Association.The CWO Awka Diocese President, was described by Aisha as a woman of virtue and a mother that truly understands the plight of Sickle Cell victims. She confirmed that her encouragement and prayers have kept the Association afloat all the while. However, Aisha seized the opportunity to beckon on other mothers to emulate the kind gestures of Mrs Efobi,Mrs Chioma IBEZIM, Lady Appolonia Chukwuma by supporting persons living with sickle cell disorder as they celebrate the yuletide season. She called on them to support with the little they can, as a cup of rice if pooled together wil go a long way in putting smiles on the faces of these persons. 

The radio program created an opportunity for the Association to remind her members of her annual get-together and thanksgiving that would come op on the 17th and 18th of December respectively at Austica Memorial College Nanka. The Association beckons on all her Benefactors and Nigerians with kind hearts of charity to throw their weight of support behind them as they thank God for his infinite mercies throughout the year. 

When asked by the anchor of the radio program on whether the recession may hamper the success of this year’s celebration for the Association, Aisha laughed and confirmed that recession has no business with the Association’s celebration, as the celebration was an avenue for the Association to thank God for his grace on them, and recession will not be an excuse. 

The Association also appreciated the efforts of Prof. Stella Okunna who ensured that the radio program was not only sponsored but created a platform through Unizik FM for the airing of the program. The wife of the Governor, Chief Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano was also on the lips of the Associaiton during the program, as she was appreciated for the gigantic works of empowerment she has done for the Association through her CAFÉ initiative.

By Augustus Bill


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