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Side-chick gets wife thrown out of 39-year marriage


Mrs Agnes a Catholic married Osaghale Leemon Ikpea (Chief) when they had nothing financially. They both struggled through thick and thin in Warri, Delta State,  then came to Lagos to further the hustle.

But during those hardship periods Mrs Agnes and her husband, Leemon Ikpea (Chief) had 6 children and from their humble beginning they both lived with her husband’s two brothers Joe and Tony Ikpea.

It was such an uncomfortable situation back then as you can imagine where Mrs Agnes was the housewife and cook to all of them.

As time progresses fortune decided to smile on Osaghale Leemon Ikpea who later became a big mogul in the oil industries and a business man of repute who now controls Billions of Naira.

Those who don’t know him can check his profile on Google to see his success story in the business world.

Chief Osaghale Leemon Ikpea won the business man of the year back in 2018. Even President Muhammadu Buhari showered him with praises and encomiums.

Wife's luggage outside the house
Wife’s luggage outside the house

A giant in the business world who lives with his wife in Banana Island and his children who are also successfully trained by them.

But the Devil does not like it where it’s rosy as Chief Leemon Ikpea went outside his matrimonial home to play an away match (he had an affair) and scored a goal (side chic pregnant) but didn’t tell his wife as he was training the child secretly.

Soon afterwards, the wife Mrs Agnes got to know about the child and she told her husband to bring them in after all we are polygamous by nature as Africans.

But little did she know that would be the Genesis of her downfall as the side chic whose name is Tina Ochucko became the commander in the house soon afterwards as Chief Leemon Ikpea listens to her requests.

She dictates the tunes.

Trouble began when Tina the side chic’s son was sent abroad to school but was later expelled due to his bad character and poor performance as the school could no longer curtail the whim of a spoilt teenager.

The boy came back home to school but not doing well. So it was time to start pointing fingers.

Tina the side chic, a cunning snake started blaming Mrs Agnes, the first wife, for all her woes.

She forgot that she refused to follow up on her son’s studies abroad as she was seen everywhere with Chief Leemon Ikpea in his various private jets flying around the world thereby neglecting her child who was left alone in a strange land where he could not be handled properly parental wise.

Mrs Agnes Ikpea, a wife of 39 years to Chief Leemon Ikpea the billionaire is now a witch, according to the husband snatcher, Tina Ochucko, who is now controlling the husband who seems to have forgotten the time of humble beginnings!

He sent her packing through a Kangaroo court injunction as thugs came into their banana island to take out Mrs Agnes belongings despite a higher court ruling nullifying the lower court injunction.

If we may ask, is that how things are supposed to be done! Even if Chief Leemon Ikpea does not want to have anything to do with his first wife! Does it mean that she should be thrown out like a stray dog!

How do u sleep Chief Leemon Ikpea with this kind of decision and great Injustice to someone who has spent 39 years of her life with you!

Chief Leemon Ikpea with side chic, Tina Ochucko
Chief Leemon Ikpea with side chic, Tina Ochucko

Remember you both started from a one room “face me I face you category and now God blessed you into a mansion in banana island then you want to throw her away like some piece of rubbish because of Tina Ochucko, a side chic gold digger, who made her through the back door of your heart.

Chief Leemon Ikpea, this is not fair on your part. And with this kind of attitude it gives polygamy a very bad name!

Also, with this kind of attitude it makes most ladies not wanting to start from the scratch with men anymore.

[Written by Igboist on Facebook]

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