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Smiling Beyonce Allows her Exposed Breast on red carpet


As the singer stood regally on the red carpet, cameras flashed as a hapless helper fussed over her low-cut dress.

Without dropping her megawatt smile for even an instant Beyonce coolly commanded she stop, and get out of her shot.

The chastened woman instantly fled to stand at a more appropriate distance. 

She could then be seen watching as an unruffled Beyonce showed just what a professional she is, posing for the photographers as they shouted ‘Queen’.

It was clear just why the assistant had panicked – Beyonce’s dress left little room for error.

Cut incredibly low, it just skimmed her curves, daringly risking a wardrobe malfunction.

Below, They’re friends really! Beyonce had seemed pally with the woman as they arrived, but it didn’t last long   

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