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So NLC Have Called Off Their Strike?


So NLC have called off their strike?

I suspect they carried out their attack of Terror and destruction against Air Peace Airline under ORDERS from where ever.

The Attack on Air Peace was the Hand of Esua and the Voice of Jacob.

Air Peace provides well for their workers.

Minimum wage is N45,000.

Employs thousands of Nigeria youths.

Have trained pilots from the North, South-West, South-East and Niger Delta.

Medical care covers a family and up to 4 dependents, including surgery, maternity care, emergency, etc.

Where has the Federal Government done this for their workers.

My question is why will NLC strikers go and criminally destroy property of a company that does all the above for its work force when the same NLC can’t even negotiate a living wage for its members?

The minimum wages NLC have for its members in 10 years is N18.000 = $50 per month.

Air Peace Minimum wage N45.000 = $125 per month.

I have to ask myself, the attack on Air Peace is it because Air Peace Minimum wage is 125% more than what Federal Government pays?

Or was Air Peace attacked because the CEO is an Igbo man?

Less than 3 days of strike they have called off the strike, why did NLC embark on the strike?

What have they achieved by this weak and irrelevant strike?

I wish the owners and workers of Air Peace will take the NLC to court.

l thought there is an industrial court. Surely what members of NLC did to Air Peace is a criminal offence.

Does Nigeria NLC not belong to a body of World Labour Congress?

I will suggest to Air Peace to take NLC to Court and seek redress on the damages and loss of earnings due to the acts of thuggery by Members of NLC against Air Peace . A peaceful airline.

What nonsense! What oppression!

By Annkio Briggs

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