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Social Action, coalition of Civil Rights and Women Groups petitioned the Inspector-General of Police

Social Action in league with coalition of Civil Rights and Women Groups have petitioned the Inspector-General of Police, Mr Ibrahim Idris on the criminal intimidation, victimization and human rights abuse of a British Nationale in Nigeria, Mrs Nehanda Jackson Nyakasikana by officials of the Nigerian Police; the DIG Force CIID and C.P Interpol in collusion with some corrupt highly connected individuals in the Country.

These persons following issues of employment contract disagreement with Mrs Nehanda, has conspired and used State apparatus and personnel through the DG Force CIID as well as the C.P Interpol to hound, harass, intimidate, arrest, detain and extort monies from her, under guise of some trumped up allegations and phony investigations.

With extensive abuses and denial of her basic Freedoms carried out against her and established case of willfull vendetta, conspiracy and intimidation as well as glaring unprofessional conducts by police officers involved in this matter, Social Action had raised a strong petition to the Inspector-General of Police drawing his attention to the abuses as perpetrated by the said Police divisions in his command, urging him to take concrete steps to set up credible investigation into the matter with a view to getting to the root of and addressing the identified abuses and professional misconducts.

Sadly, several months since the I.G was petitioned over this issue and with several reminders, nothing has been done by the NPF, rather, to our dismay, the Police (personnel) has been involved in steps to effectively obstruct justice in this matter.

Social Action and Coalitions and the Women Groups are therefore soon to embark on protest March against the police to press home the demand for Justice for Mrs Nehanda Nyakasikana.

(Attached is copy of petition to police).

Vivian Bellonwu-Okafor

Head, National Avocacy Centre,

Social Action, Nigeria.

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