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Social ills we must all avoid – by Ephraim Elombah


Social ills we must all avoid – by Ephraim Elombah

Decent living is good for everyone. To achieve it, certain conditions must be observed as something does not come from nothing. 

Certain conducts are generalised to be absurd but there are others that not everyone is ready to sacrifice for.

For the society to live decent lives, everyone must abhor theft.

Some people would take, unlawfully, company materials and hide it with them. 

Some are not bothered by their conscience if they steal government property. 

A few in government embezzle public funds and use it to live scandalously while a good percentage of the masses languish in poverty. 

Avoiding stealing includes not picking a good that dropped on the way without the owner realising it.

A thief is always ready to deny his actions, sometimes even when caught red-handed. 

But like a thief, someone who habitually lies soon makes a name for himself as a liar. 

He loses the trust of those who would otherwise entrust their effects to his care. 

Lying is deleterious to a decent standard of living. Although most people lie, it can be avoided. 

Try to avoid situations that would bring about a tendency to lie. Then be determined not to tell a lie. 

This also includes avoiding forgery of document even if the situation becomes expedient.

Unbridled anger leads to disputes and quarrelling. Some people are always arguing and want to have the final say. 

It is beautiful to desist from making argument. It leads to good relations with other people. Similarly it is not good to fight. 

A vengeful spirit brings no benefit to anyone. It is also good to avoid competing with others. 


If everyone lives by this rule, everywhere on earth will be peaceful.

War does not bring benefit to anyone. It leads to massive destruction to people and property that has been laboured much on. 

But some countries today are fighting. And what is the result? Loss of fathers, brothers, guardians etc. 

It is equally sad that a large part of a country’s resources is spent on war and defence every year. Instead of warring, try to resolve matters. 

If no solution is found at the moment, delay trying to resolve matters by forcing your neighbour.

Partiality goes along with nationalism, patriotism, tribalism and racism. 

These ills are due to one’s showing favour to some people because he originates from them in expense of other people. 

This leads to suspicion of other people based on where they come from. 

Fortunately, the world has become one large global village bound together by adventures and also inventions of science and technology.

Lack of humility and mildness lead to such ills as over speeding on the highway. 

Competition on the highway and impatience lead to dangerous overtaking of other vehicles. 

The result is sometimes an accident that kills and maims. If everyone drives orderly, the government will spend less on monitoring drivers with scarce economic resources.

Bribery and corruption spoil the society. Mediocrity is not a good standard of living. These tendencies lead to poor public performance. 

Corrupt people allow bribery to blind their eyes to something that should otherwise be corrected. 

The more the society sinks into corruption, the more debased the standard of living will become. 

Decent living leads to a sense of well-being that brings tangible and intangible rewards.

Self-assertion and meism tend to lift someone up above his fellow. Hence, some in society suffer being down-trodden. 

Some are so handicapped that they cannot help themselves when they are encountered by their superiors. 

Since no one knows when it would be his turn, it is good to avoid these antisocial behaviours.

Another yardstick by which to measure the fitness of a behaviour is to consider what the result would be if everyone lived like that. 

If everyone is a homosexual or a lesbian, the human race will one day wipe out. These tendencies are aberrations. 

Fortunately most Nigerians are not like that and will continue to avoid such practices. 

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