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Socio-political engineering: Has APC’s good replaced PDP’s evil?

One major feature of the 2015 Elections was the elevation of the impression that it was a contest between EVIL and GOOD. 

Don’t ask me which one, in many people’s warped estimation, represented good and which was for evil. 

The way people went about it, making enemies, deifying mortals like them and propagating falsehood, you would think Nigeria would never be the same again!

I know how some of us were called paid agents of PDP. When you supported Jonathan, you were paid to do so. 

When you pitched your tent with Sai Baba, you were on “patriotic duty”! I read and listened to rather respectable and educated folks get sucked into believing a messiah was coming!

I am revisiting this this morning again because as twilight beckons on 2016 and we are about entering the New Year.

I want Buhari/APC supporters to name one thing we condemned under Jonathan that is still not with us today?

I mean just one thing.

This regime rode on the back of massive de-marketing of the previous one on the issue of corruption. 

Alas! How I wish some of us know the stealing (yes, stealing) going on now? Oh, you don’t believe? You soon will! 

When we wrote about the SGF, Babachir Lawal, last week, some die-hard Buhari supporters said the Senate was a club of thieves who wanted to rubbish a good public servant of a saint leader. 

Someone even said he had disengaged from the company that got the contract. Only that he is still signing its cheques. Can you imagine such stupidity?

What of elections? No point going there. We could all see how elections have gone under this regime.

The essence of this post is to let us know once again that politicians are the same.

* They all rig elections.

* They all steal money.

* They rent roughnecks to harass opponents.

* They use pecuniary incentives to win votes.

* They use public funds to prosecute elections.

* Platforms change, modus operandi remains the same.

It is these reasons that baffled me when you saw otherwise intelligent individuals defending politicians simply because they changed parties. Before 2015, check this list:

El-Rufai. Atiku. Saraki. Amaechi. Ngige. Ogbe. Na’Abba. Masari. Tambuwal. Oni. Oyinlola. Adeleke (Isiaka). Magnus Abe. Peterside.

These are guys who honed their political skills of stealing, chicanery, rigging and debauchery under PDP. 

But to some of my compatriots who had senses stolen by massive propaganda, they became agents of GOOD by decamping to APC. And that is why I ask this morning:

Has APC’s much vaunted GOOD replaced PDP’s better-forgotten EVIL? ‘

By Samuel Ajayi


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