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Soludo and his controversial 10 million naira donation

By Obunike Ohaegbu

I have read some of the commentaries following the personal donation made by Prof Charles Soludo for the fight against Coronavirus 2019 i(COVID-19) in Anambra State.

I am saddened by the negative commentaries generated by the kind gesture which he was not obliged to make in the first place because of the timing. The timing would scare others away from making such donations to the State. The direct consequence of this is that the people will not get the required help when needed.

Some of our brother have donated cash for the fight to the Federal Government agencies. Some have sacrificed their salaries to the Federal agencies. From the reports today, almost N2b was shared CASH in Kano State in lest that 24 hours. That speaks volumes.

Sir Obunike C. Ohaegbu Ksji (Ezesinachi N’ukpor)

Of course, I believe that everyone interested in any public office has lost his privacy. The moment you promote your character as above board, people are allowed to use magnifying glass in having a critical look at your character.

I have already indicated interest publicly for the Agu Awka job and would be happy that SOLUDO is brought down or at least asked to explain his past as a public office holder.

I even want that to go beyond comparisons to Sanusi who is of Fulani extraction with some inherent immunity in the Nigerian Polity.

I have been privileged to interact with Prof Soludo and I can confirm that he is a sound Professor in “theoretical matters”. He doesn’t have the personal touch to make a difference in Anambra State.

Personally, I consider him too elitist to lead our State especially after the Obiano experience. I have the strong feelings thst he would have the “messiac mentality .

Also, i believe that Anambra State needs to get connected to the centre politically. APGA in my view is the wrong vehicle to do that.

Ndi Anambra have their best option in PDP and I am confident that they will make the best decision in 2021.

So even if Soludo could be a good option, I consider myself the best for ndi Anambra State.

However, our election is not coming up until around November 2021. More than 18 months away from now.

At this point, let’s thank Professor Soludo for his kind gesture to Ndi Anambra State. That way, we will encourage others to do the same. We have a lot of time to play the Anambra Gubernatorial Politics. It is morally wrong to do that NOW.

The world is managing a ravaging pandemic. Let’s be focused for now. It is most unconscionable for anyone who has not contributed a dime to deride people who have done so. That alone could be considered hypocrisy.

Soludo deserves appreciation now. Gratitude is a sign of nobleness.

I am,
Obunike Ohaegbu
Ezesinachi n’Ukpor

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