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Somali army commander escapes explosion


Gen. Mohamed Ahmed Jimale, the new Commander of the Somali National Army (SNA) has escaped a car bomb explosion on Sunday in Mogadishu.

Initial reports indicate that a suicide mission was waged on a convoy of cars leaving the military base in Mogadishu.

According to Africa Review, Gen. Jimale and his deputy left the army headquarters moments earlier where they attended a ceremony in which the leadership of the military was conferred upon them.

The army commander and his escorts were driving between Gashandhigga (the seat of SNA) and the former Jaalle Siad military Academy.

A car packed with explosives hit the General’s bulletproof car.

The Islamist militant group Al Shabaab was behind the attack, said Abdiasis Abu Musab, Al Shabaab’s spokesman for military operations.

The government has yet to issue an official statement on the attack, that is believed to have killed at least four people.

Gen. Jimale was appointed commander of SNA last Thursday.

On the same day, Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo announced that his government was going to wage war on Al Shabaab.

A day later, Al Shabaab dismissed President Faramajo’s declaration in a statement published on its website

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